Resin Obsession Color Blast resin - basic colors

Resin Obsession Color Blast resin - basic colors

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Introducing the Resin Obsession COLOR BLAST resin!  Our two part resin mixes as two parts colored resin to one part hardener.  Mix thoroughly and you have a 60 minute pot time to use in your resin castings.  The bubbles easily dissipate in this formula, making it ideal for your resin projects!

Our Resin Obsession Color Blast basic color resin comes in 2 oz jars of part A resin.  The basic colors include:  turquoise, yellow, magenta, white and black.  Want to know how to get any color you want?  Read our blog post on How to mix Resin Colors.

This resin must be used with our Part B Hardener, which is sold separately.  Don't have our Part B?  You can use the same hardener as our Resin Obsession Super Clear resin!


How to use the COLOR BLAST resin:

  • Wear gloves and work in a well ventilated area.
  • Mix Part A (colored resin) thoroughly for two minutes.
  • Carefully measure two parts of Part A in one cup and one part of Part B in another cup.  The minimum amount to mix is 10 cc and 5 cc respectively to ensure a good cure.
  • Pour the hardener into the resin and mix thoroughly again for another two minutes.
  • If blending colors, mix the colors thoroughly before adding the hardener.  Don't forget the 2:1 ratio!

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