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Bi-color resin earrings tutorial

pouring two colors of resin at once into a silicone mold Bi-color resin earrings tutorial Can you be in love with a resin color?  Every day, I have a new favorite of the Resin Obsession liquid pigments.  On the days I can't decide which is my favorite, I use two.  *wink-wink* I started by mixing some Resin Obsession opaque green pigment into Resin Obsession super clear... Read more »

Casting resin charms

pour resin into mold Casting resin charms When I made the choice to fill my epoxy clay frame with resin I already knew I wanted it to be a lapel pin.  Once again, my kids toys are the inspiration for what I want to put inside the frame. This Christmas tree was with the same group of charms as the... Read more »

Resin frame tutorial

finished epoxy clay and resin frame Resin frame tutorial After making a frame with epoxy clay a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering what I was going to do with it next.  While it would be cute to make it into a tiny picture frame, I decided the picture on the inside would be too small to see easily.  I... Read more »

Handprint pendant tutorial

adding resin to epoxy clay Mini handprint pendant tutorial I'm always intrigued by what my kids bring home.  Don't tell them, but sometimes, their school and party favors end up being the inspiration for my next resin tutorial.  One of them came home with a bunch of plastic charms on a ball chain and my mind immediately turns to what... Read more »

Epoxy clay frame tutorial

demold epoxy clay from silicone mold Epoxy clay frame tutorial I am so lucky to have the best blog readers ever.  One of you sent me a question a few days ago about using epoxy clay in molds.  Ok, twist my arm.  I would love to do a tutorial on that! For this project, I wanted to make a frame that... Read more »

DIY cabochon jewelry

Klik braclets collage Did you know you can easily make your own DIY cabochon jewelry with the Klik jewelry findings? To make this happen, I needed the Klik small snap bases to apply to the back of some crystal cabochons.  I chose the small snap bases because I wanted them to fit one of the Klik small leather... Read more »

Bottle cap magnet DIY

bottle cap magnet tutorial In going through the blog over the last few weeks, I can't believe I have never shown you how to use the epoxy stickers in bottle caps.  This is a super easy project that can easily be done in an afternoon. So you might be wondering if I'm into resin and all, why would I... Read more »

Resin casting in a two part mold


Resin casting in a two part mold Last week’s post showed how I went about making a two part mold for a dinosaur plastic toy.  While the mold was made with the dinosaur on its side, the idea was to pour resin into the mold while the dinosaur is vertical.  You can see what I… Read more »

Two part resin mold making


Making a two part resin mold from a plastic toy model A couple of weeks ago, I showed what happens when you try to mold a plastic dinosaur toy like a traditional flat backed item.  Molding a model that has undercuts and no large flat surface can be a bit challenging.  In order for me… Read more »

Resin and flower domino pendants


DIY resin and flower domino pendants After being somewhat suprised with how the flowers turned out on the DIY resin iphone case, I felt the need to try to redeem myself.  I wanted to recreate the same scenario as before, but didn’t have another phone case to apply resin to.  I visited the dollar store… Read more »