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Breastmilk charm bead… where to start??

I am looking to make a pandora style bead made of breastmilk with some pigment, but i can not for the life of me figure out where to start. I know i need the resin and such, but how do i form it to a bead with a big hole? and how do i put… Read more »

Breastmilk in resin

I’m trying to figure out how the heck to make breastmilk jewelry with resin. I know resin hates moisture, so I’m wondering how to make it work. I know it can be done because there are other artists that do it. Id there some way to plasticize the milk or maybe reducing it a bit… Read more »

Making breastmilk jewelry

This question comes through email by Kelli: Hi. I am interested in your epoxy jewelry resin. I am mainly looking to make breastmilk beads. I see your resin is a 2:1 ratio. If I add breastmilk how much do I add and how does that change the ratio of the epoxy? Thanks for your help!

Breastmilk jewelry?

Hi there, Im trying to figure out how to make breastmilk jewelry pieces (just for myself, not for sale), but so far I havent found any tutorials that look good.  Im interested in either making gems or encasing shapes made of milk in resin.  The best information Ive gotten is that I need to somehow… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions

Project advice Do you have a food safe resin? Yes!  The Alumilite Amazing Clear cast epoxy resin is considered FDA food safe once cured. It can be found in several sizes here: This resin is designated as FDA food safe once cured as per FDA CFR 177.2600. Resin must be mixed 1:1 by volume… Read more »

which kind of resin should i use for my project?

i am exploring with breastmilk jewelry,apart from the milk preservation topic ( i am exploring) i would like to know which resin is the most suitable: -alumilite ( is it good for silicone molds? for bezels? is it doming resin? can i colour it? -evirotex (same doubts) which are the differences between those and ice… Read more »

Reply To: Encasing breast milk and placenta in resin

Hey Laura, How is your modpodge/breastmilk/resin looking now a year on? Has it discoloured in any way? Is there any way we could see photos please? Do you have any updated technics.? Really interested to hear! Thank you.

Milk resin jewelry

This question comes from Jax: I have a friend who makes a milk resin jewelry that I can’t figure out how she is doing it. It isn’t a mold, it’s thin. I’ve just been looking for hours and can’t find anything similar to what she is doing.

Reply To: Encasing breast milk and placenta in resin

Hi Nikki, I really appreciate your response on this thread. I have been wanting for the past year to make myself some breastmilk jewelry but since I have never even made any jewelry before I at a lose as to where to even begin. I understand that it can take a very long time to… Read more »