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Epoxy resin dipped guitar body

I did a search and didn’t see a topic too similar to this, so here it goes. I recent purchased a mahogany guitar body that came in with two drastically different colored pieces of wood making the body, roughly 2/3 is darker heartwood, and 1/3 is much much lighter. To work with this mistake, I’d… Read more »

Guitar casting

Hi, I was looking for some advice… I have a guitar that I want to cast in a large resin block. It is around 3 feet long, 16inches wide and 3.5 inches deep. What would be the best way to go about this? What would be the best resin to use? How many pours would… Read more »

Molding guitar neck piece

Hello, I have an electric guitar (a good one) with a broken neck. The luthier asked for almost its original price for the fix so I’m looking for ways to fix it myself. The neck is broken near the top and it’s not a clean break. There are pieces of wood missing from the sides… Read more »

Molding and casting a guitar body

Hi all! I’ve been thinking about this project and would appreciate your feedback. I want to create the body of a (bass) guitar out of epoxy resin, probably in some combination with wood as epoxy is heavy. This is how I see the process: First, get a solid body guitar, take apart the neck and… Read more »

Electric guitar pickguard

Hi I have no experience with resin so I was hoping whether you could offer some advice on whether the following idea would work or if you think that resin would not be the correct medium. I build electric guitars and I am looking to create a custom shaped and coloured pickguard. The pickguard is… Read more »

Putting a guitar pick in resin

This question comes through email by Whitney:  I was wondering if it would be okay to put guitar picks in casting resin.  Will the resin ruin or damage the picks?  I have a collection of them and thought that would be a cool way to display the collection.  If you have any experience or tips… Read more »

Create finger gloves in resin

I have what some may think a strange question. I need to create a “glove” for the fingers in my right hand. Ideally, these gloves would be made of a resin similar to silicon gel, ideally transparent and not too thick but reasonably strong. I found a product on amazon that is very close to… Read more »

Reply To: Guitar casting

Hi Andy, We have a few other discussions about this topic in our forum that you may find helpful. Resin jewelry making resin art supplies Since your topic is a little complicated, I think this is best suited for a one-on-one consultation call if you want more information. A 15 minute consultation call is $20…. Read more »

Reply To: Molding guitar neck piece

Hi Duraid, If I were to try this, I would use two-part epoxy clay. It is two part resin, but in clay form. You have about an hour to work with it after blending before it starts to cure. You may even want to find a good potter or ceramics artist in your area that… Read more »