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How to make your own Sea Glass

When I was younger, I remember that one of my favorite things to do at the beach was to find sea glass.  If you aren't familiar with sea glass, it's where broken bottles and glass jars make their way into the ocean.  After weeks to months of tumbling in the water and sand, they come... Read more »

Making a sea glass resin table

This question comes from Donna: I would like to make a sea glass design on a large table. Since the glass has uneven edges, is there any advice you can offer. Should I glue to glass down first? Should I put wax paper around the edges? What should I create around the edge of the… Read more »

Sea glass in resin

This question comes through email by Stephanie: Hi! I found your Resin Obsession site and you seem to be the expert resin person. I checked your site but I did not see anything relating to my question. I am interested in casting sea glass in resin. I tried this with clear resin and small pieces… Read more »

Sealing LARGE glass jars with resin

Hi! Newbie here! I can’t thank everyone enough for providing such an immense depth of resin knowledge in one place. Hopefully y’all can be my Saving Grace…especially since this will be the second question I’ve posted in the forum within 10 minutes. So I’ve got 3 glass storage containers and a large glass pitcher that… Read more »

Seaglass window in resin

Desperately trying to find info on setting seaglass and shells into an old window and then pouring resin to set the whole thing, with the idea of hanging it in a window. Can;t seem to find classes or directions anywhere in the Delray/West Palm/Ft. Lauderdale area. Had a class planned but the instructor canceled it… Read more »

Seaglass Resin Framed

Hi . I own an art studio in Myrtle Beach and I keep getting requests for these beautiful glass window panes set with seashells and starfish and with clear resin poured over it. Is there a tutorial for the best method? I have some ideas.Which resin is the best for this?

Using crushed glass on seaglass windows

Hi! I am trying to compile info on how to use seashells and glass pieces in resin on clear glass windows, starting with a small project of course. I see beautiful art pieces that include small crushed/broken glass to fill in spaces around seashells and focal points but can find absolutely no instruction on adhering… Read more »

Casting in a glass Bell Jar display

We were asked to embed small pieces in a clear polished resin dome. They are looking for a standard ‘bell jar’ display shape like a glass dome 6in diameter by 12in tall. A straight cylinder with a dome at the top. The kind of jar you would use over display item like a delicate swiss… Read more »