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Newbie, molds & transparencies

I have never done anything with Resin. what I want to do I believe is fairly simple and an OK start for a newbie. This is most probably a one and done thing. I don’t expect this to become my ‘obsession’, though if I do OK I might try a couple other things(and who knows)…. Read more »

Make your own resin pendants using transparencies

How to embed art on transparencies to make your own resin pendants This tutorial is shared by Rona Phillips.  Originally published April 2012.  Updated May 2019. I am putting this step by step tutorial on this wonderful resin website, for all people who are interested in making their own pendants and want to work with… Read more »

Doming on Transparencies

I am brand new to resin work and I am having trouble. I am trying to make little charms with transparencies. I have printed my designs and cut them out then placed them on my doming mat, poured the resin and they turned out great. Then I tried to drill the holes in the top… Read more »


Hello! I would very much like to play with transparent print-outs. I found a copy shop where they print on transparent foil. Now I have a question. I found some nice images that I would use for myself as earrings and pendants. I found some black birds on black trees with a white background. The… Read more »

How to create a bangle bracelet using transparencies

How to embed transparencies in a DIY resin bangle This tutorial is graciously shared by Rona Phillips I could get no in-depth help from anyone on how to work with transparencies and add them to resin jewelry. So I decided to learn this process myself and on my own. It took time through trial and… Read more »

Resin Inserts Aren’t Opaque

Hello Newbie to resin here! I’ve been printing resin inserts on transparencies using a laser printer, but I’ve noticed that when it comes to certain colors like pastels, the colors come out almost transparent with a few exceptions. When I print images, it’s even worse, not clear at all. Is there a way to get… Read more »

Resin pendant ideas – Mixed media resin project

Easy resin pendant ideas Looking for a way to make your resin pendants look unique?  Try these mixed media methods to give your next resin pendants a unique flair! Resin supplies used: Alumilite Amazing casting resin Rubber texture mat for clay Pearl Ex powders in magenta, sapphire blue, bright yellow, emerald Mixing cups Stir stix... Read more »

Mandala pendant tutorial – Make Mandala Pendants with Resin

Mandala pendant tutorial by Penny Reid I’ve done a number of resin pendants with transparencies.  While they look totally cool against the light and on light-colored clothing, you can’t always see the beauty of the pendant unless they are getting a lot of light through them.  With this in mind, I decided to create the light behind... Read more »