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picture submission guideline for Resinista GalleryHave you made some cool things with your Resin Obsession purchase? We want to see it! Submit your picture for inclusion into the Resinista Gallery. If we choose your picture, we will reward you with 100 points added to your loyalty rewards account, which is immediately good for $5 off your next purchase!

Here are the requirements:

1. Items submitted must be made with your Resin Obsession purchase.  You will be asked which items you used when you complete the form.

2. We accept .jpg and .png files of less than 1.5 MB in size.  Pictures must be at least 800 pixels on each side.  **Files that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.**

3.  A small, unobtrusive watermark in a picture corner is acceptable.

4.  Multiple pictures cannot be included in the same submission.  You will need to complete a new submission for each picture.

In return, we will give you full credit for your creation along with a mention of one social media account (if you have one).

Submitters will only be contacted if their picture is chosen for inclusion.

In order to prevent spam, please answer the following question:

Terms and Conditions (you must accept these to complete your submission)
By submitting your picture, you admit that you created the piece and have rights to share the picture with us. In return, should we choose to showcase your picture, you are giving us permission to post the picture in our Resinista Gallery and social media accounts. We will give you full credit for your work.

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