Craftivism and cats

If you have spent any time with me on social media channels, you may have suspected that I’m a crazy cat lady.

I’m here to admit it.  Yes, I’m letting my crazy cat lady flag fly high!  In case you need proof, here’s my latest tutorial on how to make pet fur beads with resin.

According to wikipedia, “Craftivism is a form of activism , ….. that is centered on practices of craft.”  Today, I’m asking for you help combining my love of craftivism and cats.

Resin Obsession is pledging $300 to Operation Catnip, a local spay/neuter clinic whose focus it is to control the feral cat population by providing free spays and neuters to free-roaming, community cats.  My family and I have three cats, all of which ‘found’ us.  I love them dearly, but know there are many other cats out there that won’t have good homes.  I appreciate that by spaying and neutering feral cats, Operation Catnip is are reducing the population, especially the number of cats that end up in shelters that may not find homes.

Here’s where you can get involved.

For every one of you that posts your own crazy cat lady picture on Instagram between now and June 30, 2017, tagging it with #craftivismresinobsession, Resin Obsession will add another dollar to our contribution, up to an additional $300.  Let’s show everyone how much we love our cats.  (We love dogs too, but have you ever heard the term crazy dog lady?)

Wondering what else you can do for craftivism?  Here are some ideas from some of my other crafting friends:

Jenny Barnett Rohrs at Craft Test Dummies:  Making a resin pride pin

Carmi Cimicata at I Love Resin:  Craftivism with simple safety pins

Here’s the live announcement:

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Rhonda J Hunter

I love this idea! I won’t be able to “cash in” on this, being one-armed at the moment, but will enjoy seeing what others come up with!


I think I just posted one for you. I’ve only used Instagram a couple of times so I’m not totally sure. I do a similar with my wire jewelry. If a friend admires a piece I’ve shared on Facebook I’ll offer it to them if they’ll donate whatever they think it is worth to our locale’s equivalent of your charity (VERY low cost neutering of ferals). I don’t remember how many cats I’ve trapped and taken in but I haven’t seen a new kitten around for ages. My 3 also found me… abandoned kittens, two of which I pulled out of the front bumper casing of my car.


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