Frank Cole

Frank Cole


Frank Cole grew up in Southeastern, Wyoming and credits his families’ western lifestyle to his love of the outdoors. Amazed by all the various wildlife species God created, Frank has always expressed his love for all-things wild through his art and especially enjoys the three-dimensional challenges of sculpture and functional lifestyle art. His goal is to capture the raw simple emotion in a point of time allowing the elements to add tactile details. He’s constantly on the lookout for scrap metal, odd bits of rust and weathered discarded wood. He started using these found objects to capture the rugged heartiness of the homesteaders by bringing it back to life as new functional art and wildlife sculptures often with a splash of color, because who doesn’t like turquoise? He is an honors graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art and studied watercolors at Eastern Montana College in Billings. After a career in advertising he stepped off the corporate ladder to chase his dreams, finding it refreshing to be allowed to express himself through his art.

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Frank Cole resin sculpture

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