How we package your resin jewelry making supplies

Ever wonder how we get your resin supplies ready to ship to you?  Here’s a sneak peek as to what goes on in the Resin Obsession office.


We do our best fill and ship orders the same day they are received.  They come in by computer or by phone.  Every order gets a packing slip.

pyramid mold

We weigh every order on a postal scale.  We do our best to make sure your postage charges are appropriate.  If you are overcharged for some reason for postage, we do refund the overage.  By the way, that is my kids’ artwork next to the resin mold — and it’s not for sale  🙂

resin supplies

We check the packing slip again and make sure we have your order correct.  In addition to your items and a packing slip, we include a little more information about us and where you can find information about resin jewelry making, resin tutorials, and resin project techniques.

resin jewelry making supplies

Orders with just a few items, or not heavy items ship in a heavy duty vinyl bag.  All domestic packages ship with a package tracking number, as do many of our international orders.  (And the address and full tracking numbers are visible on every package — I didn’t want to share anyone’s personal information in this post.)  Customers get a copy of this tracking number when their item ships.

powder pigments for resin

For more delicate items, they may get shipped in a smaller padded envelope.  We also try to include useful information about how to use your items you have purchased.

epoxy resin jewelry making kit

Of course if your purchase is large enough or heavy enough, it will have to ship in a box.  We try to recycle boxes whenever possible while also trying to use the appropriate sized box to keep shipping prices down.

styrofoam peanuts

Once your order is in the box, we add in enough packing materials (styrofoam, air pockets, paper) to make sure your items don’t rattle around in transit.  We recycle our packing materials too.

ORM-D box

Boxes are finished with the label on the outside and any appropriate handling messages that USPS or UPS needs to be aware of.  With this box shown here, we have labels pointing to which way is up (so nothing leaks) and since the contents also contained an aerosol product, it has an ORM-D sticker, which lets the carrier know that it can’t travel by air (for safety reasons).

At this point, it is handed off to appropriate carrier for speedy travels to you!

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I am a basket maker from Nantucket Island. I am experimenting with woven bracelets which need an end cap. I have made a prototype but I am looking for away to pour a dozen or more at a time. I then have to rout out the part of the poured solid cap to fit the ends of the bracelet. Perhaps their is even away to cast that area the way you put your holes in withour drilling. I wouls also like to color the resin off white or ivory color to resemble ivory. I can send e-mail photos that would help you to understand what I am trying to do. I have a Florida cell phone number because I live in Jupiter FL for 8 months a year. (561-662-0832). If you can email me your email address I will send the photos. Thanks, Deacon Don Battiston


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