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Come with me on the adventure of Resin Jewelry Making


Magical.  Versatile.  Imaginative.  Those are all words that can be used to describe what you can do with resin.  Mix with colors or additions to preserve a precious memory.  Add it to jewelry findings with some sparkle and flair to make your own piece of fashion jewelry.  Use resin with a mold to create what will be a treasured handmade craft.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to bring to you my first book about how to make resin jewelry and crafts.  I’m sharing with you everything from what to do before you ever mix your first batch of resin to troubleshooting your less than perfect castings.  There are several projects included in the book and I’m also sharing my tips and tricks to help you get great resin crafting results every time.

Here are a few of the early reviews about Resin Jewelry Making:

“As a working artist who thought I was pretty well versed in the medium of resin, I was pleasantly surprised to learn more than a few new things! Katherine’s book is a well thought out, thorough covering of working with resin that can be applied to anyone’s artistic journey. From choosing resin types, tools and embellishments, coloring, projects and troubleshooting – she covers it all. This is a must have book for anyone wanting to work with resin art!”  — Martha Bennington,

“This is very well-written and should be a valuable tool for anyone getting started with resins.”  — Bob Smith, general manager, Aanraku Glass Studios

“In depth is an understatement. This book is the mecca of all resin jewelry making books.”  — Renae Christine Judkins,

“…full of tips, techniques and project ideas making it perfect for the newbie and a great reference for those already working with resin!” — Mona Schmitt, CraftKlatch

“…an uncomplicated guide that will prove invaluable to anyone wanting to work with resin but who has no idea where to start. With simple, clearly written instructions, it’s like taking a one-on-one class with Katherine. Along with her tried and true tips for getting great results, Resin Jewelry Making takes an in depth look at topics ranging from the basics of working with resin, how to choose the right resin for your project and troubleshooting when things go wrong. Whether you’re new to working with resin or whether you’ve dabbled with resin before, you’ll find Resin Jewelry Making a handy resource to refer back to again and again.” — Myléne Hillam, jewelry designer, Mill Lane Studio

“This book has a number of projects that could be made with objects that are easy to find. I want to go out and buy some resin!” — Jessica Olivarez-Mazone, Tejana Made

Click here to purchase your copy of the Resin Jewelry Making book.



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Congratulations!!!! Finally – I’ll have a book so I can use resin without getting it all over my computer!



Thank you so much! I’m excited to have it done and available soon!! (and I have resin drips all over my camera and tripod too)


Congratulations, Katherine! I’m looking forward to getting my copy! A book to go along with all of your many videos for tips and tricks is really exciting!:-)


That is wonderful news! I have learned so much from you already. Can’t wait to get my copy.


This is brilliant news Katherine . I can’t wait to download a copy . Congratulations !


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