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Amy Murry artist

Texas-born and raised, Amy Murry has lived a life full of art since a young age. Amy and her family moved to Waco in 1986.  It was during this time Amy’s mother was deep into her artistic endeavors. Amy would spend hours in her mother’s art studio watching her work with ceramics, paint with acrylics, and even dabble in stained glass. Even though Amy never took art classes in school, she was learning techniques and styles from her mother at an early age.

After high school, Amy moved to Austin and attended the University of Texas earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She moved back home to Waco after college to be close to her family.  Now she and her husband are raising two daughters. As her daughters grew older, Amy found herself with more time to pursue her interest in art, a seed that had been planted long ago. Now she is a self-taught abstract artist working with fluid acrylics and using resin to create unique one of a kind works of art.

“I’ve always been an artistic person and find to be most at peace when I am at work creating. I can lose myself completely in my artwork bringing emotion, passion, and love to each piece. I hope that my love for the process of creating from start to finish can be felt and seen by all of those who lay eyes upon it.”

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  1. Hi my name is Kitty and I’m trying to get into resin art I already do acrylics and just would like a little boost in mixtures and understanding a little bit more do y’all do this kind of thing

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