Resinista Ellen Anderson

Ellen Anderson

Ellen Anderson is a mixed medium artist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She lives with her Green Beret husband and two children ages 1 and 2. Art, for her, is a process of experimentation and discovery. She finds peace in her painting and a means of connecting with other people around the globe. It has given her an avenue of self-affirmation and expression that makes life better as an artist but also even better as a mother, wife, and a person.

Find Ellen’s art on Instagram at @ellenandersonart

11 thoughts on “Resinista Ellen Anderson

  1. I have been searching the web for the resin/liquid pours. What you need. How much you need. How to just start. I have watched several of Ellen’s videos. I loved them. I want to do it, but just not really sure where to start. Please help!!!

  2. I tried making some resin paintings using your tutorial as an inspiration! Thank you so much for that!
    I had a couple of questions. There are dried resin drips on the back of my painting, what’s the best way to get rid of that? Also what’s the best way to clean up after using resin?

    1. You can sand the drips off with sandpaper or a dremel tool. When you say clean up after using resin, are you referring to your surface, supplies or something else?

  3. Hi.

    What type of spray paints do you use to color the resin and approximately what paint/resin ratio is needed to get the opaque color you seem to get? Mine always seems to be translucent to a degree so when it flows over the edges it hardly retains any color.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. I love Ellen s tutorials but having difficulty with the additives to the resin for pour painting (beginner). Where to find help ?
    Resin 1 to 1 , now adding paint and acetone ? Small painting as it’s my first try . Do you add 1 teaspoon of acetone to the resin itself OR divide into each cup of paint?

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