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Myléne Hillam
Myléne Hillam

Hi! I’m Myléne Hillam, designer for the craft and hobby industry, author and artist at Mill Lane Studio. Home for me is in Brisbane, in sunny Queensland, Australia. During the day (and most nights) you’ll find me playing with the many art, craft and jewellery-making supplies in my studio.

My interest in resin was first piqued in high school when I got to work with plastics in the Manual Arts Block – it was an exciting experience for the manual arts classes to be opened up to girls. Of all the things we did in manual arts, plastics was by far my favourite!

My passion for plastic and resin was re-awakened about 9 years ago when I learned how to make resin bangles and rings and I haven’t stopped making them since! I’ve worked with many craft mediums over the years but none has held my interest like resin. My repertoire extends beyond bangles and rings now to include resin jewellery and home décor items and there’s no end in sight with all the wonderful possibilities resin presents.

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