The Jewelry Making books in the Resin Obsession studio

I’ve decided we all have something we hoard.  I just try to hoard stuff that’s worthwhile (at least to me anyway).  In looking at my bookcase this week, I decided I am a jewelry book hoarder.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying jewelry books.  Designing jewelry.  Making jewelry.  Fixing jewelry.  History of jewelry.  and on and on and on.  I love reading about 42 different ways to make the same bezel.  I love looking at a piece of jewelry and trying to figure out how the artist made it.  I love looking at others designs and wonder how I can make it better.  (*smile*)

jewelry making and silversmithing books

I have books on everything.  Even stuff I haven’t done yet.  (but intend to sometime before I die)

resin jewelry making books

You can learn so much just by reading.   It’s a great way of introducing yourself to techniques and sparking ideas in where you want to go next.

I’ve even got a few business planning books too.  Reading business information is my other obsession.

jewelry making books

I have a rule that all my books have to fit in one bookcase.  As you can see, I make the most of all the space I can.

jewelry technique books

Sometimes the books don’t even have to be ‘how to’ books.  I love looking at designs from different periods in time and looking at the jewelry art of contemporary artists.

What jewelry books do you have on your shelf?


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Wow, this sounds like me. I love the way alot of them are written. I have one that is a story form. I have a five shelf built in bookshelf. They are all full. Soon I will have to start another shelf on the other side.

I’m glad I’m not alone.

Debbie (in New Mexico)


Hey lady – I think I’ve got you beat on that one, but I can’t say for sure because I’ve got bookshelves that look like that on three floors and it would take forever for me to count them all!


What a relief! I thought I was the only one who collected jewelry books to an extreme! It’s really nice to discover that I’m not alone. It’s also nice to see that we have so many books in common. Besides books I have a LARGE collection of jewelry magazines going back to about 1995. So many ideas, so little creative time! Thanks for making me realize that it’s OK to have all this stuff to refer to when the idea block devil shows up!


My sister and I love books and have hundreds between us. Hers are mostly mysteries, and mine are everything else from ancient history (my late husbands), to jewelry and cookbooks for mine. My sister had several built-in shelves that were full of pre world war one English mysteries, and some newer ones, I added several large full bookshelves for my collection. All the books have had much inspiration for jewelry possibilities. You never know what will rev up the creation juices.


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