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Resin painting techniques #1 and #2

RESIN painting

Resin painting pour #1 Technique focus of this painting:  to understand a resin direct pour Mixed six ounces of MasterCast resin.  Artwork surface is a 10 inch by 14 inch ceramic tile with a glossy finish. Resin was split evenly among four cups and colored with 3 to 4 drops of Resin Obsession opaque white, 1… Read more »

Resin painting introduction

Resin Obsession Logo

I have been resin painting for a few weeks now.  It’s been a great change for me and a way to learn even more about how to work with resin.  I started with the idea that I would make a visual journal for me to keep track of what I did, along with the results. … Read more »

How to make a resin cheese board

how to make a resin cheese board How to make your own resin cheese board by Myléne Hillam Supplies needed: MasterCast 1-2-1 Artwork Resin Resi-BLAST Dispersion Media Resin Obsession Opaque Pigments: White, Purple, Red Gold Leaf flakes Wooden Cheese Paddle Painter’s tape Painter’s tape with drop down sheet Heat gun or BBQ gas lighter Measuring cups Stir sticks Kleenex or other disposable... Read more »

Resin Painting Additives

resin painting additives Resin painting additives Mediums That Mix Well with Resin by Becky Wanamaker One of the things I love best about painting with resin is being able to incorporate a wide range of mediums into my resin paintings in addition to some of the traditional resin colorants. I am going to share some of my favorite resin... Read more »

Surfaces for resin artwork

resin painting surfaces

The Scoop on Substrates by Becky Wanamaker Did you know that you can use a wide variety of surfaces for resin artwork? If you look around your home, you probably have many available that you never considered before. In this article, I will discuss several substrates that you can use when painting with resin. Canvas… Read more »

Resi-Blast FAQ


Resi-Blast FAQ What is resiblast made of? It’s a blend of polymeric wetting agents and organic dispersants. The exact recipe is a trade secret. How does it work? It works through a repelling action as it is not meant to be added to any polymer resin and they try to escape each other as soon as… Read more »

How to apply a glossy resin layer to a painting

canvas painting

How to resin a painting If you’re looking to resin a painting, here’s the math on how to calculate the amount of resin you will need: Multiply the length (in inches) by the height (in inches) of the art.  This is number is the square inches (or area) of the painting. A doming resin will pour… Read more »