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Plastic resin molds and silicone resin molds — what’s the difference?

plastic mold silicone mold

Should I use plastic resin molds or silicone resin molds for my resin jewelry and crafts? This is a such a good question (and an important one).  It is definitely important to know the pros and cons of each mold type before making your resin castings. Both types of molds can work with a variety… Read more »

At what temperature should I be mixing my resin?


What temperature should my resin be when I mix it? Did you know that the ambient temperature of the room you’re working resin in is very important to the outcome of your projects? Ideally, the temperature of the room that you’re doing resin crafts in should be about 68 to 72 degrees F.  Theoretically of… Read more »

What kind of resin should I use?

resin brands

What kind of resin should I use for making jewelry and other projects? This is one of the most common questions I get asked about making things with resin.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ resin, and there are MANY things to consider when choosing a resin.  I will walk you through how I… Read more »

Why are there shipping restrictions on certain resin and resin items?


One of the frequently asked questions we get about buying from Resin Obsession is why there are shipping restrictions on certain items.  These items are considered a ‘hazardous material’ product and must be shipped according to very stringent guidelines. What is different about shipping a hazardous material product? Certain items we carry are designated as… Read more »

Beginner questions about resin jewelry making

beginner help resin jewelry making

I teach resin jewelry making classes here in my home state of Florida and get a lot of class participants that are new to making things with resin. I have been amazed at some of the questions they ask (good ones!) and decided that there may be some other new resin jewelry makers that may… Read more »

How to mix powder pigments into resin

mixing powder pigment into resin

Wondering what the best way is to mix the powder pigment colorants into your resin?  This short video shows our favorite way of blending your favorite dry pigments.     Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2012 Resin Obsession, LLC

How to mix epoxy resin for your resin jewelry projects

resin mixing

A video how-to on some of our favorite tips and techniques on how to mix epoxy resin to ensure success for your resin jewelry charms and projects!   Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2012 Resin Obsession, LLC

12 reasons why your resin didn’t cure


Why didn’t my resin cure properly? This is a problem that resin newbies and seasoned professionals alike run into from time to time. Here are a few trouble areas where you should evaluate in case you’re asking yourself, “Why is my resin sticky?” 1. How old is your resin? We recommend only purchasing enough resin… Read more »

What are the different types of resin?

types of resin

Which resin is right for my jewelry making project? When it comes to resin, there are so many options!  I’m going to go through the possibilities here with a list of their pros and cons. All resins are a two part system, consisting of the base resin and the hardener (or catalyst).  By themselves, they… Read more »

How to seal papers or findings for including in resin

sealing paper with glue

How to prevent mishaps with your papers and findings in resin One of the most frequently asked questions I get at Resin Obsession is how to properly seal papers and other assorted items before including them in resin.  Here’s a few of my tips based on what has worked well for me: 1.  I don’t… Read more »