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How to increase jewelry sales

3 tips to selling more jewelry

3 STEPS TO INCREASE JEWELRY SALES THIS YEAR January and February are typically a slow time of year for handmade business owners. You’ve just gotten through the hectic holiday season filled with craft fairs and gift orders. This slow period is a great time to get your ducks in a row, think about the year… Read more »

Increase holiday jewelry sales

3 TIPS TO INCREASE HOLIDAY JEWELRY SALES a guest post by Erin Mooney November and December are the busiest shopping months of the year and for a lot of handmade vendors, a time to bring in enough revenue to get through the slower months. Take advantage of the busy season and use the following 3… Read more »

Selling resin jewelry and crafts

selling at a craft fair

SELLING RESIN JEWELRY AND CRAFTS AT A CRAFT FAIR a guest post by Erin Mooney You’ve worked hard on your resin creations and now you need to get them in front of an audience to sell! Craft fairs are a great place to sell your handmade items but it’s not as simple as showing up and… Read more »

Ten of my favorite business tools

tool set

Ten of my favorite business tools for productivity I’m going to let you in on a little secret….  the business of Resin Obsession takes more than knowing about the resin.  AACK!  Sometimes, the resin is the easy part.  It can be hard to get everything done (especially when you have a studio kitty that demands… Read more »

Jewelry packaging ideas

resin jewelry gift box Jewelry packaging ideas Believe it or not, I buy resin jewelry.  Why you might ask?  For me, I have two reasons: 1.  I look at a piece of resin jewelry and can see how much time, effort and skill the artist had to put into the piece.  Instead of recreating something like that, I prefer to... Read more »

Tips for selling your jewelry at art fairs and craft festivals

craft fair art show selling tips

Five ‘off the wall tips’ for selling your art jewelry In selling my resin jewelry at a local art show last weekend, I was reminded of a few of my ‘non-traditional’ selling methods that have worked well for me.  Here are some of the things I like to do when it comes to selling my… Read more »

Things to consider before you sell your jewelry wholesale

dollar sign

I’m getting ready this week for my only retail show of the fall.  For me at least, it requires an entire change in my mindset.  You might think ‘selling jewelry is selling jewelry’, but there is a big difference between selling your jewelry retail versus selling your jewelry wholesale.  For those of you considering making… Read more »

10 out of the ordinary places to sell your handmade jewelry


Ten unusual places to sell your handmade jewelry If you’re going to venture into selling your handmade jewelry, there are many places for you to consider.  While selling online is an easy and inexpensive way to get started, there is a lot of competition.  Go to a site like Etsy or Artfire and search for… Read more »

10 things to consider before going into the handmade jewelry business


Things to consider before selling your jewelry If you love resin jewelry making and resin crafting, at some point, you may have considered whether or not you could (or should) sell your resin jewelry.  (Especially when family asks what you’re going to do with all this resin stuff!)  Deciding whether or not to sell your… Read more »

Art show craft fair checklist


“What to Take” printable craft show and art fair checklist                                     I am preparing this week for my one and only art show this spring. I have been doing these for 12 years now and still find I… Read more »