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Resin coloring pigment

transparent pigments in resin Resin coloring pigment The resin coloring pigment experiments continue in the studio.  This week, I used the Resin Obsession transparent color pigments in the Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast epoxy resin.  I mixed 1 1/2 ounces total of resin in reusable plastic mixing cups. After dividing the resin, I mixed in 1 drop of each pigment. I... Read more »

Resin color

neon colors in resin Using one brand's resin color in another brand's resin My experiments with resin color continue.  This week, I moved onto using the Resin Obsession color pigments with the Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast epoxy resin.  I mixed one ounce total of resin in 1 ounce mixing cups. After dividing the resin, I mixed in 1 to 2 drops... Read more »

Putting candy in resin

candy heart pendant Putting candy in resin I love this time of year.  Valentine's Day conversation candy hearts are just begging to be made into resin pendants!  I made a video about it a couple of years ago if you want to try making your own: DIY Valentine's Day Candy Heart Pendants This post today is a bit... Read more »

How to color resin

pouring teal resin How to color resin *This article is a part of a series on resin coloring experiments.  I am using one brand's resin with another brand's colorants.  Read the results on the first two experiments: resin coloring part 1 and coloring resin part 2.* In this week's experiment, I mixed one ounce of Castin’ Craft Easy Cast resin... Read more »

Coloring resin

opaque resin colors Coloring resin with a different brand resin color.  Is that okay? This post is the next in a series of experiments on coloring resin.  What I am investigating is whether or not you can color one brand's resin with another brand's resin colors. For this set of experiments, I mixed up two ounces of Castin’ Craft... Read more »

Resin color pigments

bright resin colors detail Can I use one brand's resin color pigments in another brand's resin? I'm warning you, my next few blog posts are going to be, rather.....boring.  I have finally decided to tackle the big question I get asked a lot, about using one manufacturer's color pigments in another manufacturer's resin.  I've been haphazardly tackling this question when... Read more »

Resin color pigment

add liquid pigment to resin

Resin Color pigment I am very fortunate to call Carmi Cimicata of the I Love Resin blog a friend and fellow resinista.  Carmi recently tried out the new Resin Obsession color pigments and shared results on her blog.  To say I was impressed and excited with what she made with the pigments is an understatement!  Here’s… Read more »

Painting on resin

R2D2 resin casting Painting on resin   In my goal of experimenting more with resin this year, I realized that I have never painted on resin.  I've been told it can be done, and I'm aware that a lot of you readers have done it.  I never have.  *shocking*  I decided to take my clear Star Wars resin... Read more »

Casting resin in non traditional plastic molds

resin star wars casting

Casting resin in non-traditional plastic molds As a part of my year of doing resin experiments, I took on the task this week to see whether or not I could cast resin in a gelatin mold.  Even I was surprised at the results! A couple of key points in the video: 1.   You must… Read more »

Dinosaur casting part two

Dinosaur Casting Dinosaur casting part two I am determined to make a dinosaur. After the last resin dinosaur didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, I took a different approach this time. This time, I chose to mold him such that his legs and feet were going down. I wanted gravity to be on my... Read more »