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Casting resin in non traditional plastic molds

resin star wars casting

Casting resin in non-traditional plastic molds As a part of my year of doing resin experiments, I took on the task this week to see whether or not I could cast resin in a gelatin mold.  Even I was surprised at the results! A couple of key points in the video: 1.   You must… Read more »

Dinosaur casting part two

Dinosaur Casting Dinosaur casting part two I am determined to make a dinosaur. After the last resin dinosaur didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, I took a different approach this time. This time, I chose to mold him such that his legs and feet were going down. I wanted gravity to be on my... Read more »

Casting resin in silicone putty molds

Casing Silicon Putty

Creating resin Legos with reusable silicone molds After my post last week about creating silicone putty molds to make Lego crayons, a few of you remarked that doing that was all well and good, but you wanted to see how well resin did in the molds. Okay.  Let’s do it. I mixed a batch of… Read more »

Composimold reusable mold making material

Composite Reusable Molds

How to choose a mold making material After spending time with the Composimold reusable mold making material, I knew this was something that Resin Obsession customers would love to add to their mold making and casting arsenal.  Here’s a few of my impressions to help you decide whether or not the product is right for… Read more »

Reusable mold material for resin casting

Reusable Mold

Molding and casting your own found items in resin After playing around with the Composimold reusable molding material last week for molding chocolate, I was pretty eager to try it for casting resin items.  I decided to make resin Legos and used the same molding techniques as I did when experimenting with the material last… Read more »

How we choose products to include on Resin Obsession

How We Choose Products

Experimenting with new resin products Some of the behind the scenes things that happen at Resin Obsession are the times I spend evaluating new products.  I consider many things, including how customers might want to use it, how easy it is to use, can we ship it to you efficiently and affordably, and the product… Read more »

Drying flower petals with parchment paper

Flower Petals on Parchment

How to dry flowers with parchment paper This article is Part 3 of a series.  Links to the first two articles are included in the post below. In my quest for knowledge about dried flowers and resin, one of the most common flower drying methods I kept reading about is to dry the flowers flat… Read more »

Drying flower petals

Flower Petals on Parchment

How to dry flowers with contact paper This article is part 2 of a series.  You can also read Part 1, using silica gel to dry flowers. I was intrigued by an article I read that suggested you could dry flowers after sticking them to contact paper.  The author claimed it made them easier to… Read more »

How to dry flowers using silica gel beads

drying flowers with silica gel beads

How to dry flowers for use in resin This is Part 1 of a series I decided for 2015, I would focus on learning more about the things I have been postponing.  One of those things is using dried flowers in resin.  Many of you have asked me about techniques and such, but I have… Read more »

Casting resin in cold temperatures


Tips for casting resin when the temperature is cold One of the things I love about living in Florida is that our winters tend to be quite reasonable.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have any cold days, but I know that when the cold ones are here, warm ones are only a couple of days… Read more »