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Make your own resin crafting trays

resin crafts

While working with resin is fun, it can be a bit inconvenient waiting on your projects to cure.  Did you know you can use styrofoam boards and wax paper to make your own resin jewelry making craft surfaces? I like to save flat styrofoam (actually hoard them like a squirrel and her nuts) and use… Read more »

How to apply mold release to an intricate pattern silicone mold

applying mold release

Did you know that applying mold release to a silicone mold is an important step in getting a good resin casting?  Ever wonder how you can apply the mold release, especially when dealing with a mold with lots of cracks and crevices?  This 3 minute video gives you a brief explanation as to how to… Read more »

8 things to do with your resin jewelry mistakes

resin troubleshooting

Eight things to do with your resin casting mistakes Call it hoarding, but from the beginning, I have always held onto my failed resin projects.  I tried to salvage them if I could, but even if I couldn’t, I just couldn’t bear throwing them in the trash.  I soon learned that having these reject resin… Read more »

Resin casting problems


If you’ve spent anytime at all with resin, you have run into resin casting issues or problems with resin curing.  (Myself included!)  I’m going to share with you a few of the problems I have run into and a few resin jewelry making techniques to help. 1. Make sure your area is clean.  (and clean… Read more »

How to mix colors

mixing paint

How to Mix Colors this article is reprinted with permission from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit Have you ever mixed red and blue paint only to find you have “mud” instead of purple? Want to know how to create any color you may need for an art project? Now it’s… Read more »

Resin Troubleshooting


Resin Troubleshooting – Problems with resin jewelry making If you have worked with resin long enough, you will find it can be challenging (and sometimes not in a good way!).  Here are a few of some commonly occuring problems with working in resin and some fixes: 1.  “Water stains” on embedded items.  This is when… Read more »

Color Theory Part Four

color wheel

Color Theory – Part 4 Knowing the basics of color allows you to design and create pieces to send the exact message you intend with your product.  Whether it’s fashion, home décor, accessories or even jewelry, it is important to know the meaning of the color scheme you select.   The chart above provides a… Read more »

Color Theory Part Three

color wheel

Color Theory – Part 3 You understand the properties of the color wheel and its basic components:  primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors.  These colors are the basis from which all other colors are derived and are important to understand in order to make sure you mix and match them in your designs. We’ve… Read more »

Color Theory Part Two

color wheel

Harmony in color is important for two reasons 1.) it is pleasing to the eye and 2.) it conveys a sense of balance.  Balance is necessary in harmony because you have hues that compliment, attract and give a sense of completeness.  Let’s explore the basic definitions first. First, remember the basic color wheel: Complimentary colors… Read more »

Color Theory Part One

color wheel

Color Theory – Part 1   Could you imagine a world without color?  As humans, our eyes can distinguish millions of colors.  Our brain’s capacity for color is the most advanced in the natural world.  Although we are not born with the ability to see all colors, as we grow and learn about our surroundings,… Read more »