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Color Theory Part Three

color wheel

Color Theory – Part 3 You understand the properties of the color wheel and its basic components:  primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors.  These colors are the basis from which all other colors are derived and are important to understand in order to make sure you mix and match them in your designs. We’ve… Read more »

Color Theory Part Two

color wheel

Harmony in color is important for two reasons 1.) it is pleasing to the eye and 2.) it conveys a sense of balance.  Balance is necessary in harmony because you have hues that compliment, attract and give a sense of completeness.  Let’s explore the basic definitions first. First, remember the basic color wheel: Complimentary colors… Read more »

Color Theory Part One

color wheel

Color Theory – Part 1   Could you imagine a world without color?  As humans, our eyes can distinguish millions of colors.  Our brain’s capacity for color is the most advanced in the natural world.  Although we are not born with the ability to see all colors, as we grow and learn about our surroundings,… Read more »