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How to glitter and resin a tumbler

How to glitter and resin a stainless steel tumbler How to glitter and resin a tumbler Whether its my fascination with glitter or my obsession with resin, I'm always on the lookout for new ways to work with both.  What better way than to glitter and resin a stainless steel tumbler!  For this tutorial, I... Read more »

How to make a resin cheese board

how to make a resin cheese board How to make your own resin cheese board by Myléne Hillam Supplies needed: MasterCast 1-2-1 Artwork Resin Resi-BLAST Dispersion Media Resin Obsession Opaque Pigments: White, Purple, Red Gold Leaf flakes Wooden Cheese Paddle Painter’s tape Painter’s tape with drop down sheet Heat gun or BBQ gas lighter Measuring cups Stir sticks Kleenex or other disposable... Read more »

DIY coasters

resin coaster tutorial Sparkly resin coasters by Penny Reid Like all of you, I am always on the look out for things I can use for crafting projects.  You never know where you'll find your next idea! In this ongoing search, I recently found these glass candle holders at Ikea that I thought would make a great DIY coasters... Read more »

How to make pet hair beads

pet hair beads How to make pet hair beads Being a crazy cat lady means I have to immortalize it for all of eternity.  What better way to do that than with making cat hair beads with resin! This is the hardest part of  the entire project. Find a willing participant. I snuck up on studio kitty while... Read more »

How to make resin crystals

resin crystal tutorial How to make resin crystals by Cat Kerr The only issue I had with making these easy Faux Crystal Pendants....was choosing what color of transparent pigment to use!! Materials List: • Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin • Resin Obsession Transparent Pigment • Crystal Mold • Square Bead Mold • Wax Paper • Brass Filigree • Metal... Read more »

Cupcake stand DIY

cupcake stand DIY Cupcake stand DIY by Angie Holden Serve up your cupcakes at a party in style by creating a sprinkles cupcake stand! This is a fun project for those that love to go all out when it comes to throwing a party. I used multi colored sprinkles but think of other elements that can be embedded... Read more »

Alternative resin molds

resin pendant DIY How to use stamp pads as alternative resin molds There's something kinda cool that happens when you have worked with resin for awhile.  You learn how to make it work for you.  For this resin pendant tutorial, I made the curing process essential to the end result. Supplies and equipment used: Alumilite Amazing Casting resin 2... Read more »

Resin and alcohol inks

resin and ink pendants tutorial How to use resin and alcohol inks How to create uniquely patterned pendants by using resin and alcohol inks Resin colors can be used for more than simply coloring the resin.  If you use alcohol based colors, you can use them to create unique patterns in the resin.  This is one of my favorite ways to... Read more »

Resin tray DIY

Father's Day gift DIY Resin tray DIY How to make your own resin tray by Angie Holden Turn wood slices into a cute tray that is just the thing for your home or even as a Father’s Day gift. This woodland themed tray is perfect for a variety of uses. Supplies needed for this resin tray DIY: • Wood... Read more »

Keyboard ring DIY

Keyboard ring DIY How to recycle keyboard keys into a ring by Penny Reid My iPad keyboard broke.  Luckily, the manufacturer sent me another one since it was still under warranty, however, they didn’t want the broken one back.  So what to do? Well, pull it apart of course to see if there were any... Read more »