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How to use resin in open bezels

resin in open backed bezels How to use resin in open bezels by Penny Reid Originally written February 2017.  Updated April 2020. If you love the look of resin 'floating' in a pendant, then you are in the right place.  Today, I 'm going to teach you how to use resin in open bezels.  These pendants require a few extra steps... Read more »

Open backed pendant tutorial – resin pendant DIY

open backed pendant tutorial {Not!} pressed flower open backed bezel pendants tutorial by Penny Reid Originally published July 2017.  Updated April 2020. Hold up -- this is NOT a open backed pendant tutorial on using dried flowers.  Being one that doesn't like to fuss with drying flowers, combined with being a bit lazy, I wanted to try to get... Read more »

Easy resin crafts – crafts to do when bored – crafts to do at home

crafts to do at home

With the Coronavirus outbreak keeping many at home, finding easy resin crafts to make is an awesome way to spend an afternoon creatively.  Like who doesn’t need a distraction from everything going on?!  But finding resin crafts to do when you are bored, can be hard. Let me help!  Here are easy resin crafts to… Read more »

Gifts you can make with resin – even if you are a beginner

inexpensive craft ideas

Handmade gifts are always welcome, but gifts you can make yourself are even better!  Nothing says love and appreciation more than spending your time creating something you know your gift recipient won’t get anywhere!  Here are five inexpensive craft ideas that you can make with resin. Jewelry 1. Using found objects with resin in a… Read more »

Resin keychain DIY – How to make a resin keychain

resin keychain DIY

I’ve been wanting to do a resin keychain DIY project for a while now, and quite frankly, struggled most with choosing a shape.  I finally settled on this paw print silicone mold in our store and I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I like these resin keychains a lot!   Step 1 You want to… Read more »

Mason jar top decorations – Resin crafts

Mason jar top decorations

Originally written December 2013.  Updated March 2020. My sister and her family do this neat thing at her house; they all contribute to what they call the ‘smile jar’.  Anytime someone says something that makes them smile (or in the case of my nephew — makes him crack up), it gets written down and added… Read more »