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Ice resin projects

Ice resin projects

ICE Resin projects   In case you haven’t heard the news, Resin Obsession now carries Ice Resin products!  While we haven’t had a chance to work with it much, we know you want some tutorials on how to use it.  Here are some ICE resin projects we found on other blogs to get you started.    … Read more »

Using Pearl Ex with Resin

Mix Pearl Ex into resin Using Pearl Ex with Resin Two Ways by Kate "Rijacki" Ledum Pearl Ex is a versatile colourant for resin. It can be used in a few different ways to add colour and sparkle to your resin project. This tutorial focuses on two of those. Pearl Ex by Jacquard is a powdered pigment with a touch... Read more »

DIY resin ornaments

brush resin on outside DIY resin ornaments What happens when you have ornaments to upcycle and some leftover resin?  You get creative with coloring!  Last week, I created mustache adornments to decorate the outside of glass ornaments.  I thought to myself then that there must be more we can do.  :) After taking out the metal insert, I propped... Read more »

DIY tree ornaments

DIY resin tree ornament DIY Tree ornaments I don't know why, but count me in as one of those crafters who has a fascination with mustaches.  (and a fear of fairies -- but that's another blog post) I couldn't help myself when I decided this week that I needed to make even more resin ornaments to go on our... Read more »

How to make resin beads

DIY resin bead bracelet How to make resin beads The longer I craft with resin, the more I realize I have to work smarter, not harder.  Case in point....  DIY resin beads don't necessarily have to involve a mold. I cut varying lengths (1/2 inch to 3/4 inch) of clear, acrylic tubing.  The tubing I used had an overall... Read more »

Easy resin jewelry DIY

DIY resin cabs Easy resin jewelry DIY I have never been so excited to make a set of resin jewelry.  Just when I thought I couldn't love the Resin Obsession color pigments any more, along comes something else to amp them up. I started with Resin Obsession super clear resin, Stampendous shaved ice, and plastic teardrop mold 404. I mixed... Read more »

Resin crafts

DIY button bracelet Resin crafts Part of my resin crafts endeavors this week have been making resin buttons.  It's not too often that I cast resin in molds without having a grand plan for the outcome.  Exciting things can happen when you get the cart before the horse. This week of making resin crafts consisted using several different... Read more »

DIY resin button bracelet

resin button mold DIY resin button bracelet Did you know that resin buttons don't have to be used as buttons?  Like, you can turn them into jewelry! Note:  So don't hate me, but I don't have any pictures of me mixing and pouring the resin.  I was having so much fun making buttons this week that I completely... Read more »

How to make a resin button ring

bright green resin How to make a resin button ring So I have to admit, this tutorial isn't as complicated as the title might imply.  In fact, I don't even show the 'heavy lifting' part of casting with resin. Let's fast forward to the easy part!  (If you are new here and wan't to see the details of... Read more »

DIY Ombre resin charms

removing tube from resin DIY Ombre resin charms After being a smidge disappointed with my bi-color resin earrings tutorial results from a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to try again with a couple of technique adjustments.  This time, I wanted to get the ombre effect in the resin from the center outwards.  To do this, I knew I... Read more »