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How to make things float in resin – Resin Bracelet DIY

bracelet making ideas

Originally written November 2013.  Updated March 2020. So while this is a tutorial on how to make a resin bracelet, it’s really an explanation of how to make things float in resin.  Making items in resin appear like they are floating is one of the fun and mind-bending techniques you can accomplish with resin casting. … Read more »

Craft tape pendant tutorial – make a pendant with washi tape

craft tape pendant tutorial

Originally written July 2014.  Updated March 2020. Making pendants with unique designs doesn’t have to be hard.  In this craft tape pendant tutorial, I’m showing how you can use colorful washi tape, or other craft tape squares, to create artsy pendants.  Specifically, I’m using 1-inch craft tape squares because they fit perfectly in 1-inch square… Read more »

How to add flowers to a phone case

add flowers and resin to a phone case

Written April 2015.  Updated March 2020. One of the things I love about living in Florida is that every spring, the wildflowers go crazy in bloom.  They grow in fields and alongside the roads.  People are thoughtful enough to not mow them while they are so beautiful.  It makes a long drive much more enjoyable…. Read more »

Jewelry making ideas – Gold leaf resin bracelet tutorial

jewelry making ideas

Originally written December 2014.  Updated March 2020. It’s not very often that I get the opportunity to make a piece of resin jewelry for myself.  One of my favorite jewelry making ideas is using gold leaf in resin.  They look so sophisticated together! Resin supplies: Gold leaf Bangle bracelet mold 399 Resin Obsession super clear… Read more »

Recycled watch jewelry – Recycle flea market finds into a resin bracelet

recycled watch jewelry

Originally written August 2013.  Updated February 2020. When I went to the local flea market last fall, I bought a bag full of watches and watch parts. I managed to pull some of the faces off the watches and thought they would be cool to serve as bezels for a recycled watch jewelry resin bracelet!… Read more »

Handmade resin earrings – make your own earrings

Originally written October 2015.  Updated February 2020. Can you be in love with a resin color?  I think the answer is YES!  Every day, I have a new favorite of the Resin Obsession liquid pigments.  On the days I can't decide which is my favorite, I use two as in the case of making these... Read more »

Resin and alcohol inks – resin and alcohol ink jewelry

How to create uniquely patterned pendants by using resin and alcohol inks Originally written May 2017.  Updated February 2020. Resin colors can be used for more than simply coloring the resin.  If you use alcohol-based colors, you can use them to create unique patterns in the resin.  This is one of my favorite ways to... Read more »

DIY napkin rings – Make resin flower napkin rings

DIY napkin rings

Originally written November 2012.  Updated February 2020. Learn how to use the Resin Obsession Super Clear resin and Resin Obsession Color Blast resin to DIY napkin rings for your Thanksgiving celebration! Resin Supplies list Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Colors for your resin 1 ounce graduated mixing cups Resin Obsession Stir Stix Silicone Mold Mum… Read more »

Recycled jewelry DIY – turn a watch into a resin bracelet

recycled jewelry diy

How to recycle a broken watch into a resin bracelet Originally published September 2013.  Updated February 2020. At some point, it happens.  An inexpensive watch breaks and I just can’t part with it.  Then it happens again.  Or maybe I hit a flea market and find an entire bag of watches that don’t work for… Read more »

Bracelet making – Ink swirl resin bracelet tutorial

bracelet making

  Originally written November 2013.  Updated February 2020. When it comes to making things with resin, bracelet making is one of my favorite projects.  I love being able to see a piece of resin jewelry while I’m wearing it. Resin supplies needed for this project: Resin Obsession super clear epoxy resin Castin’ Craft Mold release… Read more »