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A quick note before you send your email…

I am humbled and honored so many of you come to Resin Obsession for your products and crafting advice. It’s a job I take seriously! In the beginning, I was able to read and answer every single email that came through.

As the Resin Obsession brand grew, however, so did the number of people asking for my help. Even though I spent hours answering emails each day, unfortunately I just couldn’t keep up. Luckily, I was able to expand my team a few months ago, and now I have an executive assistant who handles many of my emails.  Together, we’re able to manage the messages that come in daily in the timely fashion that you have come to expect.

Right away, you need to know that I can only give assistance and answer general resin questions placed in our resin forum.

I check it frequently and do my best to get questions answered as promptly as possible.  (And don’t worry — there is a video there showing how to choose a category and place your question in the forum.)

If you are writing to us about an order you have placed or have a specific question about a product we sell, scroll to the bottom of this page to submit your question to us.

Talk soon!



Here are a few tips to help you get what you need:

  1. 1. Start with our Frequently Asked Questions section.

  2. There, you will find lots of helpful information on the products we carry, the most frequently asked questions from our readers and customers, along with additional information about how you can shop at Resin Obsession.  The link for the FAQ is at the top of this page.

Resin Obsession FAQ2.  Search Resin Obsession

We have a ton of information that will get you started on your journey.  Simply enter a term in the search box at the top left of this page and any article or forum discussion with that term will show as a result.  There are several categories of questions in the forum and the good news is that the answer to your situation may already be there!

RO search box

3.  Still can’t find the technical help you need?

We gladly answer anything we can about how to make resin jewelry and resin painting projects, including troubleshooting, technical problems and anything else you might think of. Please post your questions in our resin forum.  We check the forum regularly and add comments and expertise. (And if we can’t answer it, we try to find someone who can.) Besides, some of your other resin crafters may be able to help too!

If you are seeking advice, your questions will get answered by posting in our resin forum

Here’s how to post in our forum:


We have worked very hard to put a lot of technical information and advice onto so anyone interested in resin art, crafts and jewelry making can learn. Please know that if you are writing to us below with a general resin question, we will respond to you with a link on how to post in our resin forum.

If you have placed an order with us or have a question specific to a product we sell, please complete the form below.  Someone on the Resin Obsession team will be happy to reply, usually within one business day (Monday through Friday).