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Fall makes me think about it getting cooler.  Cooler weather means the leaves change color.  I LOVE those colors!  Speaking of color, let’s celebrate the new Resin Obsession color pigments!  For your chance to win a $25 Resin Obsession gift certificate for resin supplies, answer the following question in the blog comment box below:

Which ONE of the Resin Obsession color pigments do you want to try the most?  (and what would you make?)

One blog comment per person. Must answer both question parts to be eligible.  Contest begins Friday, October 2, 12:01 AM ET. Comments must be entered by Thursday, October 8, 11:59 PM ET. One winner will be chosen at random using  No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash. Winner is responsible for any taxes. Only residents of our available shipping countries are eligible.

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Transparent RED because it looks like it really is a red and not a wine or burgundy and I have been looking for one. I love red. I would make some vibrant red cabochons to then wire wrap into pendants. I would make some red and black swirled marble cabochons or beads. I also make vibrant red beads and snaps and all sorts of things. I wonder how the red transparent will look with glitter or other embellishments, too. Oh and I have flower molds and a crab mold just begging for transparent red.

Sarah N.

The Fluorescent yellow dye would look great in a Padico mold I have that has a lemon shape! That would be my pick, I think it would look really cool

Cathy Fegett

I have a pumpkin ready to pour, so the orange would be my choice right now, but………I love color so they are all on my wishlist!!! I haven’t use any opaque yet because I use rocks in my creations the translucents are best for me!!


I think I’d like to try the opaque red – I’ve got some ideas for bangles that the red would look really nice in for the holidays 🙂

Tina Byers

Definitely the Ocean Blue, it is so beautiful, even though I am the “Princess of All That is Pink”!! I would make cabochans and use the globe molds I bought from you to make really cool necklaces. I wish I could afford all the pigments, I would have so much fun and of course give it all away, because that’s how I roll 🙂

Kim Alexander

I would try the Glow in the dark pigment to make some key chains for my daughters volleyball team.

Jennifer Tolley

I’d love to try the opaque purple! Not sure what I’d make, I just like purple.


I would love to try the opaque purple to make some cabochons and then ill wire wrapeed them to make a necklace.

Betsy Kristl

I’d choose magenta, because I love that color, and I’d continue making refrigerator magnets…


Transparent Green. Love the color green and this green looks like emerald and so therefore would make little emerald colored jewels to glue onto a fabric bib necklace.

Desiree Koons

I would use the teal…I’ve never seen that color for resin before and I LOVE it! I would either cover some domino pendants with it or make some’s a gorgeous color!

Alice Ryan

I’d love to try the white because I can’t seem to find one that is actually opaque & stays that way after it cures. If that works out, the sky’s the limit! Red, green, orange, black! Someone stop me before it’s too late!


I know it may not be “new,” but I’d love to test out one of the Alumilite Doll Skin Tone pigments. I currently have an order on the way for some baby-themed silicone resin molds that include baby hands and feet and would LOVE to try that out for making some baby shower gifts or ornaments.


I would definitely use the teal. I would make embellishments for my mixed media canvases.

Rhonda J. Hunter

I love green with gold accents, black with gold, etc., etc., and I’m getting ready for my youngest nieces wedding! Maybe white with gold, this time, and gift it to her! Has to have a Celtic theme, though. Irish on both sides. Green and white?

Alaine B

I would get glow in the dark and try to make some charms. Halloween IS around the corner

Mary Lou

The doll skin tone. I do paper mache and was wanting to
experiment with a resin face to a piece I’m starting.


I would like any color of the glow in the dark because I have a skeleton head ice tray and a ghost ice tray and i would make key chains the skeletons would have googly eyes how cool is that.

Susie L.

I would love to try the Opaque Red for dicro-ish effects. I’d also like to try the pigments on other brands of epoxy resin.

Lezlie Woods

I think white is the one I would want to try. Im trying to figure out which color would work best for real butterflies and dragonflies so the details won’t be lost in the color.

Shandra Franklin

I think my favorite colorant would be a toss up between the flo green or flo yellow. But if i had to choose just one, it’d be the florescent green. Because, it’s so beautiful! I haven’t noticed any similar colors offered by anyone else. With the opportunity to try out the flo green, I’d most likely make something to do with zombies, horror, slime/ goo, or maybe even as a background for some natural items; for example, maybe some real pressed flowers, or images of nature. By the way, I also think the mint/teal colorant from the pastels collection is just gorgeous. Would love to try it as well, and post examples for everyone to admire. I believe it’s also a very unique color.

Nancy Key

Pearly pendants, maybe mixed with some flaky cellophane confetti to see if I could get opal effects.


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