Pearl powder giveaway

pearl powderLet’s celebrate the NEW Resin Obsession pearl powder by giving away five packages to five different lucky winners!

For your chance to win, you need to answer this question in the comment box below.

What would you make with this pearl powder?

One blog comment per person.

Contest begins Friday, November 6, 2015, 12:01 AM ET. Comments must be entered by Thursday, November 12, 2015, 11:59 PM ET. The winners will be drawn at random on Friday, November 13 using No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash. Winner is responsible for any taxes. Only residents of our available shipping countries are eligible.

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Since I make jewelry from the brushed fur of your beloved pet I would love to see a touch of pearl powder put a shimmer into the layers of fur. This would highlight and enhanced the essence of the pet and his or her natural beauty.

Patricia B

I’d definitely be making jewelry with it. Earrings, bracelets, you name it, I’ll make it!! Thank you for the chance!

Amalie Lyday

Of course jewelry earrings, pendants, etc. My dream would be using the pearl in cabochons teardrops, ovals, or whatever shape to dangle from a lamp or chandelier- something that would shimmer pearlescent from the light source.

April Koski

CRAFT SALE SEASON!!! Need I say more! I am thinking of so many things to make. From jewelry to Christmas gifts. Ornaments… The list goes on!!! I need this stuff!

Debby Haviland

I would make a resin snowflake necklace, earrings, and bracelet set for my 13-year-old daughter! Thank you for the chance to win the pearl powder.

Bonnie M.

I preserve moths and butterflies in resin for pendants and earrings and am looking for things to cover up the abdomen and thorax so that the focus is on the wings. Pearl powder along with metallic and rhinestone elements would work well for this.


I would use the pearl pigment to:
1—- highlight specific areas of art/photos/giftwrap that I create resin pendants with to make that portion of the art stand out. I would use a paint brush to paint the resin/pearl powder mixture on those areas and then when dry I would cover it all with clear resin. I think it would be beautiful.
2—I would incorporate pearl pigment into my signature faux opal jewels that I then use for pendants, rings and earrings.


I am an art student and am currently capturing fairy images within resin layers to create a 3D image. I would love to use the pearl pigment to highlight areas of the images, wings, hair etc. I think the effect would be beautiful, so would love the chance to win this, thanks so much for considering me.

Cathy Fegett

We are approching the Christmas selling season and Stormy Weather Creations has a full selling season booked!! I am going to be making Christmas pieces to go with all of the other wonderful resin pieces already done!! Pearl is one of my favorite types of finishes, these would be great to use!!

Karen Meisman

I would use it to make pendants with dried flowers. I think it would look awesome as a background layer behind the flower.


I would make pendants and earrings by filling in a wire form. (Think: filling in the holes in a figure eight – only make a shape that is more interesting!)


I make pressed flower jewelry. I think this would be pretty to give some of my pressed flower pendants a “frosty-frosted” look-excited to try this!


I work in a school that has a lg special ed program. I love to create things but don’t know what to do w/everything. The autism & MD teachers a school have an incentive system that uses little trinkets as rewards. One day I had brought a resin bear into school to show one of the aides. It was made with your neon yellow translucent pigment and glitter. The second I took it out of my pocket (we were in the cafeteria during lunch) one of the girls in an autism class spotted it. She asked to see it of course I handed it to her. She was mesmerized by the colors and the sparkles as well as the texture. That day I asked the AT & MD teachers if they were interested in some of these trinkets as prizes. Of course they were- as they normally spend their own pocket money for prizes. Plus they’re cute LOL. So long story longer- I would use this pearl powder to create depth and interesting effects in my resin bears (bears for 4th grade, camera mold pieces for 5th grade and sticker pieces for the other grades). I get to create- the teachers like them and the students love them win-win!


Pearling powders are great! I have been using them for the past 18months… you can achieve some very striking and differing effects with them! Great for making pieces semi transparent too… Will have to try these ones for sure!

Meghan Laski

Snowflakes and snowmen! Also faux pearls because yours look so pretty! And I’d use it to give a pearlescent effect to the backs of my pieces. 🙂

Angelie O.

I’ve been planning on making some Miyazaki movie themed resin pieces but having pearly colors would definitely make the subtle magical colors just give the pieces a little something more!

Denisa K.

I am planing to make Christmas gift box with resin snowflakes and it would look great with this pearl powder.


The first thing that popped into my mind was trinket boxes, particularly some “tooth fairy tooth holder” trinket boxes that I make (shaped as a tooth). But honestly the applications are endless. Pearlescent is so beautiful in all sorts of things: jewelry, figurines, etc. I can see using some of this mixed with some alcohol inks on dominoes, for example. Thanks for the opportunity!

Laurie Greany

The Pearl powder would make a great compliment to
Marie Antoinette, ”Siècle des Lumières” style jewelry.
I would create a beautiful hair piece with matching broach in this style with the Resin Obsession Pearl powder.


The pearl effect is beautiful. I would love to use it to make small resin castings for jewelry or even card embellishments. It would add depth to poinsettia and holly leaf castings.

Carla Harrell

I would mix the pearl pigment with translucent colors to make a background on a candle holder and then use it in the formation of clouds on the candle topper.

M. McN

I would like to use the pearl powder to make a resin layer for some golf ball markers that I am making. I think it would make the markers more visible.


The pearl powder would make gorgeous cabs. I’d like to try it for highlighting 3D elements on frames and vases too.

Susan Myers

The sky is the limit! Since I am new with working with resin I’d like to try to make some coasters as gifts for my family for Christmas this year. Wish me luck!


I would love to use these powders on my polymer clay pieces! They would give such a beautiful and unique shine, and I think they would look lovely especially for jewellery pieces! I’m trying to start making more sophisticated jewellery, instead of cute pieces, and these powders would really kickstart that transition! 😀

Heather Edmonf

Besides making beautiful pearls and faces on cameos, I would use the powder to create a moon. I have a gorgeous half sun and crescent moon mold. The powder would give the moon a shimmering effect when light hits it. Also, resin stars would benefit from the use of the powder.


Since my daughter is allergic to any kind of metal I have just started resin jewellry making It is my hope to encase my grandmothers wedding ring in a piece of jewellry for her .I think that the new pearl powder would look so beautiful with it.She has waited 30 years to have it handed to her.What a beautiful Christmas present.
April H.


I would take some adorable pairs of real acorns and dip them in resin with pearl powder! OR i make a lot of jewelry with bugs in them; adding a layer of shimmer behind them would really make them pop!!

Jessica L

I would mix it into resin to achieve a beautiful color to dome the backs! I would also make cute little snowflakes to add as charms onto keychains and necklaces and pendants for gifts. The possibilities are endless with pearl powders!

Kendra kelly

I have a women’s dinner at our church coming up and I’d like to make some resin coasters to give as door prizes.

Angel Parks

I would make a beautiful resin piece of the galaxy and incorporate this pearl powder to make it look absolutely stunning.

Apryl waldne

Make the rest of my table i ordered the blue and the pearl would go great with it


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