Acrylic Resin in a laser cutter?


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      Hi all,

      I’m a resin newbie, and I’m trying to figure out if there’s a resin I can safely use in a laser cutter.

      Laser cutters use a focused light beam which either melts, burns, or vaporizes away the material.

      From my research so far epoxy resin is toxic to cut, and possibly polyester/fibre glass resin as well. But acrylic sheets like perspex ARE safe, so what about acrylic resin?

      The aim is to find something I can mix my own colours of, and pour into thin sheets. It needs to be hard like epoxy resin, but most of all it needs to be safe to heat 🤣

      Here’s a list of safe/non safe materials to laser cut, incase any of you resinistas know your resin chemicals:

      Thank you so much in advance!

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      Katherine Swift

      Great question! I don’t have any experience with acrylic resin, so I’m afraid I can’t comment. I would expect an acrylic resin manufacturer to know however.

      If you find out an answer, would you mind letting us know?

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        Thank you! Would you happen to know of any manufacturers/suppliers? As I mentioned I’m super new to resin; only realised there were multiple types in doing this research! I haven’t had much luck googling acrylic resin in order to find suppliers and I’m not sure if that’s because I’m unsure of what I’m looking for or what 🤣

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          Katherine Swift

          Unfortunately, I don’t know of any, but it sounds like you are using the right search terms.

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      We have a laser engraver as well, but I am also a newbie at resin. i’ve managed to find what might be an acrylic resin, however it’s not really marketed as one. don’t know if that makes sense. it says gel, so i’m not sure if it will solidify or if i need to mix the portions differently. to get a hard resin. there’s also no MSDS data on it, so i have emailed the company about getting one.

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      Tahlia or Anne – Did either of you ever locate a resin product that can be safely used in a laser cutter?

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      Acrylic resin is basically just another name for acrylic so it needs to be heated in order to be liquefied.
      Calling a material a resin basically just means that the material consists of hydrocarbon chains (sometimes people also call polypropylene, polypropylene resin)

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