After wearing, why is my jewelry blurred?

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    Phuong Nguyen

    Hi Katherine, your tuts are very helpful to me. However, I want to ask you how to keep the shine of resin jewelry after wearing it? I use resin uv and after wearing it for about a day, its surface is cloudy. Does resin spray fix that?

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    Katherine Swift

    Is your resin curing soft? It sounds like it is getting scuffed with wear.

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      Phuong Nguyen

      I don’t think my resin is soft. Because I dried it under a UV light generator for at least 20 minutes, after I covered it with a resin to finish. When I finished it, it was glossy and transparent, but when worn, it faded very quickly. Or is it the quality of my resin? (I use resin uv on ebay and there are quite a few other people who use it like me on youtube). Is there any way to keep it shiny?

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    Angela Vitello

    Hi Phuong, this is happening to me too! I use Resin Obsession resin and a silicone mold. The side that is in the mold is curing just fine and doesn’t have a blurred effect after wear but the side that I “dome” after the first layer cures is getting blurry upon one day of wear. It isn’t curing soft either! I am wondering if it’s because the resin layer on the dome is too thin to cure properly? Like I said, at first it appears to cure just like the other side but then only blurs after wear. I’m really unsure. I might try a finishing spray, I’ll get back to you on those results!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Angela, what kind/brand of resin are you using to dome your second layer?

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