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      Hi Everyone; I’m relatively new to resin and have been dabbling for awhile. Finally getting into a groove though easy cast is a pain due to it’s soft nature after a full cure.

      I’m looking to switch some pieces to UV resin but have a query; can you use alcohol inks without issue with UV resin? Curing with the UV light?

      Also any tips for easy cast would rock as well. (using for jewelry pieces free hang, rings, bracelets & also shaker charms) I find finishing with nail polish helps but still it’s a pain though less of a pain than doming 100x.

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      Uyen C Trieu

      So I just tried this and it didn’t cure properly, my charm warped and I thought placing another layer on top would fix it but it didn’t.

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      What do you use to color UV resin? Can you use acrylic paint ts

Viewing 2 reply threads
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