Alcohol Inks and Epoxy Problem- Disappearing Inks?

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    Katherine Swift


    Whenever I have used alcohol inks, I have always mixed it into my mixed resin.  Have you tried that way?

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    So, I have not been using alcohol inks with resin for long but since that was what is available in my small town, that is what I have. I had no problem with my first batches (about 8 or so). But now the ink is just disappearing when I add part B. I am not doing anything different. In fact, I was able to get one color to work when I was testing the inks one by one and poured it into some moulds. When I went back about ten minutes later to double check, it was not working either. I am at my wits end! What is going on here? PLEASE HELP!

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     I believe it has something to do with the catalyst. I dont know what the variation is because I never experienced this before two days ago. I will follow the steps to a tee then as soon as I add the dye, it disappears. The more I stir, the clearer it gets. BUT after a little while, THE COLOR COMES BACK. I can pour the clear resin and check on it and I have had one batch that didnt get the color back until three hours after being poured. Isnt that strange? I have done nothing different in my process so obviously either the epoxy or inks have changed, due to weather perhaps. Luckily it does work out in the end but I was seriously tearing my hair out. This is my business, this is what I do. I know I can get other pigments but I when I have orders piling up, I dont have time to wait for shipments. Anyway, I just thought I would follow up and say thanks for your reply. 

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    Katherine Swift

    That is so weird.  Ive never had that problem here, but Ive always waited and mixed it into the resin once Part A and Part B were together.

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     I have had the same problem however I am painting with my inks on metal then pouring resin over afterwards. Not always does this happen but occasionally I have had colors completely disappear or change color completely. I have also tried sealing my inks before pouring resin and get the same result. I chalk it up to unknown mystery but if anyone else may have a better answer Im game….

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    Katherine Swift

    I have talked with an alcohol ink manufacturer who says several of the colors in the pink/purple range will disappear in resin.  Who knew?!

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    This is an old thread but I’m stuck! I want to do the opposite! I have a crafting resin that finishes a white color but I want it clear! I heard that if you use alcohol ink it will make the color opaque!! Can any color ink work?

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Abby, I’m not clear on what you want to do. You have a two part resin that mixes opaque white, but you want it to mix a particular color?

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    Kathleen Mcdonald

    I just poured over slate and it turned green

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