Alcohol Inks and Epoxy Problem- Disappearing Inks?

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    Katherine Swift


    Whenever I have used alcohol inks, I have always mixed it into my mixed resin.  Have you tried that way?

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    So, I have not been using alcohol inks with resin for long but since that was what is available in my small town, that is what I have. I had no problem with my first batches (about 8 or so). But now the ink is just disappearing when I add part B. I am not doing anything different. In fact, I was able to get one color to work when I was testing the inks one by one and poured it into some moulds. When I went back about ten minutes later to double check, it was not working either. I am at my wits end! What is going on here? PLEASE HELP!

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     I believe it has something to do with the catalyst. I dont know what the variation is because I never experienced this before two days ago. I will follow the steps to a tee then as soon as I add the dye, it disappears. The more I stir, the clearer it gets. BUT after a little while, THE COLOR COMES BACK. I can pour the clear resin and check on it and I have had one batch that didnt get the color back until three hours after being poured. Isnt that strange? I have done nothing different in my process so obviously either the epoxy or inks have changed, due to weather perhaps. Luckily it does work out in the end but I was seriously tearing my hair out. This is my business, this is what I do. I know I can get other pigments but I when I have orders piling up, I dont have time to wait for shipments. Anyway, I just thought I would follow up and say thanks for your reply. 

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    Katherine Swift

    That is so weird.  Ive never had that problem here, but Ive always waited and mixed it into the resin once Part A and Part B were together.

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     I have had the same problem however I am painting with my inks on metal then pouring resin over afterwards. Not always does this happen but occasionally I have had colors completely disappear or change color completely. I have also tried sealing my inks before pouring resin and get the same result. I chalk it up to unknown mystery but if anyone else may have a better answer Im game….

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      Sharing this info, hoping it helps someone. I also use the Ranger Inks on ceramic tile and then coat with resin. I’ve just recently started using resin so I did a practice pour on on of my old tiles (like 2 years old!) and it turned out beautifully! I then made the mistake of applying resin to my day old pieces for my upcoming show. I could have cried…..any tile that had purples, or burgundy, or in the red family totally disappeared. Now I’m trying to troubleshoot what happened. I took another one of my 2 year old tiles with a vibrant magenta, purple, teal, and lime green color and tried again. It has been sitting for about 2 hours and there is a tiny bit of fade but not enough that most would even notice. I forgot to mention that before I applied the resin I clear coated 4 light coats of Krylon crystal clear. The only thing that is different in the tiles is the “age” factor. I’m guessing that curing for 2 years somehow make the ink less susceptible to the resin? Whatever the case, I’m still trying to find a way to add resin to newly (day old) tiles as I don’t have two years to wait!! I have also noticed that with some colors the Krylon creates tiny white spots where the ink has reacted with it……..Again hope this info helps someone as I could have cried with the lesson I learned!

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    Katherine Swift

    I have talked with an alcohol ink manufacturer who says several of the colors in the pink/purple range will disappear in resin.  Who knew?!

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    This is an old thread but I’m stuck! I want to do the opposite! I have a crafting resin that finishes a white color but I want it clear! I heard that if you use alcohol ink it will make the color opaque!! Can any color ink work?

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      Kathleen Mcdonald

      I just poured over slate and it turned green

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Abby, I’m not clear on what you want to do. You have a two part resin that mixes opaque white, but you want it to mix a particular color?

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    Hello I’m. new to alcohol inks but I’m wanting to pour resin over my inks. When I did the first one it changes colors completely the second one bubbles of colors formed. Does anyone know if you have to seal it and then put resin I tried sealing it but am maybe using the wrong sealer. Any help would be appreciated. Trying to make hot plates for Christmas. Thanks in advance. Michelle

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    Katherine Swift

    What sealer are you using?

    Yes, it’s not unusual for alcohol inks to change color when they contact resin.

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    I’m looking to use inks on wet clear-cast resin and want the inks to remain the same colour. Are there any types of inks you recommend for something like this?

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    So is there a way to seal the ink before pouring resin so that it retains its colors? I had done a set of purple/pink/blue ceramic tiles in inks a few days ago, then this morning mixed up a batch of resin to clear-coat them so they could be used as coasters. I went back to check on it a few minutes ago and my beautiful tiles are faded down to just kind of a marbled pale turquoise! I’m so upset. I mean they’ll still be pretty enough, I guess, but they’re not at all what I had created and intended. Does anyone know how to avoid that in the future?

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    I’m going through the same thing with my inks fading on my tiles. I’m using Adirondack alcohol inks. My tiles were lavender with lime green and after pouring resin, they are completely faded.

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    I have been painting my resin pieces with alcohol inks and then coating them with a sealer/glaze, instead of mixing the inks in the resin.

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    Experiencing the same problems, using Silmar41 resin and alumilite dyes. Worked fine at first, now changes colors, turn clear, all sorts of weird things. Read it was wrong dye, needed alcohol based dyes, couldn’t find that so I picked up alcohol based ink… Sailboat Blue is Sailboat Blue in my test strip lying on the counter. Hold it to the light and it turns doggy poo brown. Cast ink pen blanks are exact opposite, first one is half and half in front of light brown on counter under light, second one is sailboat blue in front of light, and brown on counter.

    Started changing color as I mixed, before adding catalyst. Added gold micro-fine glitter, half of it comes off as silver, the remainder as blue.

    I need a drink! Make it a double!!

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      Making sharpie alcohol ink and my purples turn dog poop brown. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong????? No resin involved HELP HELP HELP

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    Diana Ferguson

    Wanted to add to this conversation. I’ve been using Ice Resin tints with resin for a while now with great results. However, I yesterday I mixed a gorgeous purple hue from 4 drops of raw ruby and 7 drops of hacienda in an ounce of Ice Resin to coat my metal components. They looked amazing as they were drying (throughout the day). To my dismay, when I walked into my studio to check on them this morning, the purple had turned into a very pale pink. So, the story of the fugitive purple continues! I have contacted Ranger to see what they have to say, no response back yet.

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      Katherine Swift

      Oh no! Yes, I would love to hear what they have to say!

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      Martha Humphrey

      Hi Diana,

      Have you ever tried using the alcohol ink brands Pinata or Tim Holtz?? I found this video online by Josie Lewis Art that suggested them and so far I have had success in regards to my alcohol inks not changing colour or disappearing. I’ve been using them with ArtResin though. I love to share videos that have helped me so here’s the link to Josie’s video:

      She also has an Amazon store of all the supplies she uses while she’s working with resin so I would check that out too:) I’m a little bit of a super fan of hers but hopefully, anything she talks about in her videos is helpful. She is very knowledgeable about all things resin and alcohol inks!!!

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    Melissa Frey

    When I pour Art Resin over my alcohol inks, they immediately turn green and then fade back to something that resembles the original color.

    Any one know of a none-alcohol based sealer we can apply before the resin?

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    Rhonda J Hunter

    I’ve had some success with Krylon Clear Acrylic spray, several very light coats, dry thoroughly between coats.

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    I use Ranger alcohol inks on Yupo paper, spray it with Kamar Varnish (2-3 light coats) and 24 hours later then I apply my ArtResin. I have not experienced any colour loss! I also paint into wet ArtResin with my alcohol inks, both Ranger and Puñata) and it works beautifully. Maybe it’s the type of resin you’re using?

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    Clear coat it with a water based sealer. Use acrylic clear coat not enamel clear coat

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