Applying Resin with a Brush?

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      Felicity Handley

      Hi! Total newbie here.
      Is it possible to apply resin like you would nail polish or varnish with a brush?
      I want to use pva glue and water to apply a printed image around a straw and then apply some kind of hard, clear finish to secure the printed paper to the straw. Can I put the straw on a skewer and apply resin with a small nail-polish-like brush and leave to dry? Or Alternatively can I use a spray?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Felicity,

      In situations like this, I like to use a foam brush. You can find them in the paint section of home improvement stores.

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        Felicity Handley

        Thanks for writing back so promptly 🙂 a new question here, same technique using a foam brush but on a small ziplock bag (like a tiny sandwich bag) Can resin adhere to plastic? I’ve been using mod podge to dome a small zip-lock bag, maybe it’s just because it’s mod podge but maybe it’s because it’s plastic. It cracks and peels off, do you think will resin do the same?

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      Will epoxy used on a painted bathroom sink be water proof? Can the epoxy be put on with a sponge brush? Thank you for your expert opinion.

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