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    Is it safe to do a mixed media project with polymer clay? I would like to partially encase a resin dome and I would like to use polymer clay… not 100% on if Resin can go in the oven or not.

    Thank you for answers

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    Katherine Swift

    I would suggest baking the polymer clay first, then applying the resin after the clay has cured. You can see an example of that in this tutorial:

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      Joanne Kelly

      HI I was going to ask same thing but I’m going to try it out if it doesn’t work I will make cold porcelain and use that instead 🙂

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    Thank you. I was hoping to make Dragon eyes. I guess I’ll have to look into glass.

    I appreciate your answer.

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    Hi, I have a similar question about baking. I make tiny bottle charms with polymer clay caps that have to be baked on. Since they are baked on I cant get back into them to add resin, but I would like to have my garnet stones floating in resin since over time they cut the delicate glass. However, I do not know if resin will get cloudy if baked or if it will expand when too hot. Polymer clay depending on the brand can bake anywhere between 265 and 300, so it gets fairly hot and I know that some if not all, resin can burn when it gets too hot. Any other suggestions? Especially since adding it after is a very difficult option

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Tami, I wouldn’t want to bake resin after it has cured. I would expect it to melt at that high a temperature.

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    Want to use resin as a base for pine needle baskets. I would embed dried leaves, crushed glass, etc. in the resin. Then I would drill holes around the outside of the finished piece. I would then use the piece as the basis for a pine needle basket. The basket would be waxed, inside and out, and then placed into the oven at 170 degrees for approximately 10 minutes to cure. Do you think this would work? Or would the resin be damaged by the baking process?

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