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      I am very new to resin. So many of the resin paintings remind me of the sky or ocean. I would love to eventually attempt a painting of the beach. Is there a way to create a straight horizon where the water meets the sky? I want everything to have an organic movement, except this one thin line to make it more realistic. Is that at all possible? Thought of painting one, but the chances of matching the colors will be tricky and I’m not sure that is even possible.

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      Hi Lynn,
      You are right about painting with resin being very fluid and organic. I have had good results with making fine lines when I use something thin pointed like a chopstick to apply the resin with. Dip it into the white resin and gently “sling” it where you want the white line. If you let the resin get to the point of being stringy, you will have better control. Another option is to create the white line with something other than colored resin. Look for an organic material, maybe something like a thinly cut piece of paper or fiberous yarn or other material for your white line. That’s the wonderful thing about resin, it’s easy to make it a multimedia piece. Hope that helps!

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      Rijacki Ledum

      Pebeo makes a outliner in several colours (black, gold, silver, etc.) that is very dimensional and can be used to divide areas of thinly applied resin (or their own Fantasy paints). It’s part of their ‘glass paint’ line. I’ve used it with several types of epoxy resin. You can use it to make your own ‘open bezel’, too, if you use it on a surface that resin doesn’t stick to, such as wax paper.

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      Thank you both for your quick replies. I appreciate it so much!!!! I will check out both of your suggestions. 🙂

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      Joyce S

      Can you use polymer clay between resin colors so as the colors do not mix,waiting between applications of the different colors until one color is at the “stringy stage before applying the second and subsequent colors…I have the time to wait!

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        Katherine Swift

        Unfortunately resin sticks to polymer clay.

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