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      Betsy Kristl

      I’m looking forward to trying some resin projects I’ve had in mind for years now and want to be sure I have everything I need before I start. I will be trying different things for molds and would love to learn that there is a single mold release that works well for both epoxy and polyester resin in silicone and plastic molds (I’ll also be trying latex, metals, and pvc, among other things). I want to use the best products possible, but since I’ll be doing a lot of experimenting, cost is an issue. Ideas?

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      Katherine Swift
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      Can anyone recommend one for UK crafters? I have looked into loads of silicone sprays and lubricants but no-one can say whether or not they can be used with resin and silicone moulds. Please help! Thank you in advance 😊

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      Jane Clemmer

      Hi: I have made my own metal molds (unique shapes) using aluminum thin sheeting. The molds have turned out fine but now I am curious. Can I use baby oil or petroleum jelly (vaseline) instead of a spray as the mold release (or any other options)? I have never used Amazing Clear Cast so this is a newbie question (in fact, I have never used any resin before). Thanks for your help.

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