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      Hi there. I am having an issue with Castin Crafts black pigment separating in my resin. I’ve tried a few different resins and with each, the black pigment separates from the resin within an hour of pouring in to a bezel. The pigment “pools” in the bezel and then the rest of the resin looks clear. I only have the issue with black pigment. All other colors mix well. I’ve tried a new bottle of pigment, but that didn’t make a difference. Has anyone had this issue before?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Kristin,

      Do you mix the Castin’ Craft pigment thoroughly before using it to color your resin?

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      I think I do! I shake the pigment bottle well and then stir the black in to my mixed resin for a minute or two? It looks mixed but after sitting in a bezel for 30+ min it starts separating.

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