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      Hello Resin Enthusiasts!
      Resin newbie here. I want to make a bourbon bottle lamp to commemorate a special family occassion. I want to fill the bottle with a clear brown resin to weight it and make it appear full. Can you recommend a resin and clear dye or colorant that would look like bourbon? I don’t have a vacuum chamber so a resin that doesn’t set too quick to allow bubbles to dissipate would be good. Any tips or suggestions?


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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Fin,

      What a neat project! I’d love to help with this.

      You will want to use our Resin Obsession deep pour casting formula. Be sure to mix at least three ounces and pour it no more than two inches thick at once. You can buy it in our store here:

      As for the bourbon color, we don’t have anything specifically that shade. What I would do is buy several transparent resin colors, then mix them to get the shade you want. We have transparent colors in our store here:

      This article will give you some ideas on how to mix the colors to get the exact shade you want:

Viewing 1 reply thread
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