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      There might not be a solution to this problem but here it is. I used a fiberglass resin to make something that contained crystals. I thought the resin was going to harden clear but all my beautiful crystals are now completely unseen inside my cast. I want to get them out and make them over with a clear casting resin but don’t know how to melt down or break down the resin to release them from the mold. Any suggestions? I think I may have to just leave well enough alone but maybe this is possible?

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      Katherine Swift

      Ick. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

      Unfortunately, I have not had good luck getting items out of well cured resin (as opposed to resin that didn’t cure properly). You could try cutting them out with a jeweler’s saw, then doing some sanding.

      If you find something that works, would you mind letting us know?

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      I’m having the same problem with clear resin. I thought about taking my torch to it or trying something like acetone. let me know what you think..

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      How about displaying it in different light? Could us light highlight the crystals? If so, a burden could be a blessing…

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      Please pardon my typo! I meant to write this:
      How about displaying it in different light? Could using different lighting types (like UC, etc…) highlight the crystals? If so, the burden of them being invisible in normal light could be a blessing if, under a different light, they appear…

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      Resin is the most ambitious plastic ever. There is only one good way to get it broken up fast and that is submerging it in hot (like boiling) water. That loosens the consistency and even then it is iffy if you can pull it apart. Good luck!!

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