Breastmilk jewelry?

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    Hi there,

    Im trying to figure out how to make breastmilk jewelry pieces (just for myself, not for sale), but so far I havent found any tutorials that look good.  Im interested in either making gems or encasing shapes made of milk in resin.  The best information Ive gotten is that I need to somehow mix the milk with something to harden it enough to form moldable shapes, then encase it in resin.  Can anyone provide me with guidance on how to do that?

    The other option would be to somehow mix the milk with the resin to create gems or bangles, etc.  Id love any help you could give me.

    Thank you!

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi L,

    This discussion on our forum should help you:……/Encasing-breast-milk-and-placenta-in-resin/1524.html

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    Did u find out how to make breast milk jewellery. .. I am from India ..interested in this… can u help me

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    Rhonda J Hunter

    First, let the breast milk dry on waxed paper. When dry, crush up into fine powder and mix a little into about 1/2 of the part A resin, making sure not to have lumps or clumps. When smooth, add rest of part A resin, mix well, and add Part B resin, stirring carefully to avoid bubbles, then pour into mold. This worked for me. The result was a little “grainy” looking but the powder remained distributed evenly in the resin and appeared “milky” in color.

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