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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes through email by Jason in Canada:

      Hi there!
      Im buying a compressor, but cant find one with a built in moisture trap.
      Did you just install one yourself?  I can find them for $20, but Im not sure if its easy or possible to install them on standard compressors.
      Im loooking at a Mikita 2,5 HP  4.2 gallon compressor.  My pressure pot will be 5 gallons (casting pretty big stuff).
      Im terrified of ruining my casts with water!!!  All the forums Ive read keep saying to make sure theres a moisture trap…but dont explain how to install one, or where to find a compressor with one already installed (other than little airbrush compressors, which Ive got, but theyre just too weak to do the job).
      Thanks so much in advance, your youtube tutorial was excellent by the way!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Jason!  This is Cindys response:

      Im pretty sure most compressors come with one. i didnt install one on my compressor. There should be a little valve under the compressor that is loosened to "drain" moisture in the compressor.

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