Can I use UV resin in meltable molding material

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Alyssa:

      I have a question.

      Will I be able to use UV resin with Composimold or even Amazing remelt (the only 2 products that I know you can remelt after you are finished using)?

      UV resin is something I’ve been curious for a while and want to use it in a project, but the only mold making materials can be remelted (I don’t use the same mold often).

      Thank you

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Alyssa,

      We don’t sell the Alumilite product, but this is the information I got from Composimold:

      “We’ve experimented with the UV resin and if you have a UV light to cure the resin it works great. However, you can’t stick the ComposiMold in the hot sun to cure the resin because it will melt the ComposiMold. I tried that and that didn’t work so well.

      We’ve also tried curing the UV resin through the ComposiMold, but ComposiMold appears to filter the light too much.”

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      Katherine Swift

      I will also add the quick curing polyurethane resins don’t work well with meltable molding materials because they get too hot and melt the mold. Epoxies tend to do fine. I haven’t worked much with UV resins so I don’t know if that will be a problem or not.

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      Unfortunately, the two reusable molds I know of (Composimold and Amazing Remelt) appear to filter UV light just a little too much.

      I’ve experimented a lot with Amazing Remelt, and it can never quite cure the resin all the way. I even tried using completely clear UV resin on something about the size and thickness of a key, and it was still only half formed after an HOUR under the UV lamp. A nearly identical sized mold cured prefectly in 3 minutes in a clear plastic mold.

      I haven’t tried Composimold, but I’ve heard it has similar problems of not being quite translucent enough.

      If you HAVE to use it… it CAN be done. you just have to do paper thin layers of the UV resin, curing for 2-3 minutes each layer.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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