can not make cells

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      for the life of me, I just can’t make calls. I have watched videos for days on end and read everything possible. I must not be interdicting what I’m seeing and reading correctly. All the info out there tells ya what to do. But nothing tells ya what not to do. I mix and pour and measure and do everything im instructed to do but it just won’t happen. Sometimes it kinda looks like a few may start to pop up but then they go away. Im just not getting it can anyone help?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Wren,

      We have a few videos that should give you some ideas:

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      I can’t either…I love the videos above but I bought silicone and tried the toothbrush technique…I am thinking perhaps the resin I use is not the best…everyone’s looks so watery and mine is super thick. I did try acetone for lacing effect and it took a while but part of it worked. 🙂

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