Can’t get UV resin to cure

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      Katherine Swift

      I have a question about UV Resin; I recently bought some Lisa Pavelka UV Resin to try.  I used it on a piece that consisted of some cured polymer clay and cured epoxy resin in a metal bezel and it worked great, cured in sunlight in a matter of minutes.  I capped the bottle tightly and stored in a dark place.  Two weeks later, I take the bottle back out, twirled it a little to mix anything that might have settled, and put a coating on a few new pieces that consist of the same cured epoxy resin in the same type metal bezels I used before (only minus the polymer clay), and now it won?t cure!  It sat in my window for almost a week, and then two days outside in full sunlight, and it?s still sticky!  They?re hard enough that they don?t shift or pull away, but when you touch them lightly they leave fingerprints and are very tacky to the touch.  Short of going to a tanning salon and buying a session just to stick these pieces in a bed (at this point I don?t even know if that would help  ), what can I do to get them to cure?  They?re for a commission and the customer is getting really anxious to get her pieces.  Any help you could give me would be great!!!  Thank you!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Amber,

      I dont have any experience with this kind of resin.  I will see what I can find out for you.

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      Katherine Swift

      A note to other forum readers:

      I have contacted the manufacturer and they are at a loss as to what the problem is.  They are working directly with this person on getting the situation to work.  Any other comments are welcome!

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      Has anyone come to a conclusion about this issue yet? Because I’m having the exact same problem on 3 of my pieces. It’s just polymer clay with Lisa Pavelka’s Magic Glos on top. I’ve cured similar pieces with the same resin and in the same UV lamp with no problems. I’ve even replaced the bulbs with a new set of 4 9watt long wave uv bulbs, no luck. Tacky to the touch and they leave fingerprint marks. I don’t know what else to do and I’m afraid to use this resin on more pieces after this :S

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      I’ve had similar problems with Lisa Pavleka Magic-Glos UV resin; it has been unpredictable. Some things have domed and cured perfectly. Others have cured in some spots and not in others; for example, I domed a pendant (which was made of anodized aluminium and melted embossing powder) and it cured in the centre but not on the edges. I made a pendant from cut out fancy textured paper; the front side (which was a bit glossy) cured perfectly. The back side (which was not coated with anything) cured partially. Some parts of it were cured hard, others in random spots were still liquid. And, no, with this one I know I definitely didn’t stint on the UV, because I left it under the UV lamp for an hour, checked it, another hour, checked it, then accidentally left it there all night, and when I came back in the morning, the liquid bits were still liquid. (!) So I cleaned off the uncured resin, and covered the pendant with another type of resin (Solarez thin-hard UV resin), let that cure (which it did, perfectly fine), and tried again to dome the pendant with the Magic-Glos. Guess what? It cured in the centre of the pendant but not on the edges. This is even more baffling, because one would expect that something which is already sealed with resin wouldn’t have adverse reactions.

      Has anyone found out anything further about this?

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      Katherine Swift

      It sounds like something with the pendant is keeping the resin from curing. Sometimes findings will have coatings on them that can keep resin from curing (even the two part stuff).

      Is your UV resin old? That product has a very short shelf life.

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      The Lisa Pavelka stuff baffles me. If it does cure hard, it has a 5% shrinkage, and if it doesn’t want to cure, it stays tacky forever. The same bottle! the same project! I have taken to using it for ‘speed setting’ resin and holding the center inside fluid pendants and then I dome and finish them with standard 2 part resin. Basically, I just use it for the speed (though it is much slower than the UV resins I have purchased from Asia)

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      I had the same problem but not with Lisa Pavelka…I was using an unknown brand from China. Some pieces cured fine but some remained sticky. I ended up buying a “seal coat” UV resin that comes in a nail polish type bottle and is brushed on the entire surface much like you would do with a clear coat on your fingernails. It cured hard, glossy and not sticky at all. The brand is called Born Pretty Soak-Off Gel Polish (although you don’t soak it off, of course). It comes from a company based in China and you get two 5ml bottles for less than $3.00. Here is the link in case you want to try it out…
      <a href=”;

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      A side note to my previous comment about the Born Pretty Top Coat… when you get to the ebay page (via the link I posted), you will need to select the “Non-wipe Top Coat 5ml” from the list of items they offer if you want to try what I recommended.

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      Karen E

      I have had similar problems getting this product to cure reliably. I have decided not to waste my money purchasing this product, and will now only buy genuine 2 part resin, which *sigh* I must patiently wait to cure.

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        Maryam Tabarestani

        Great suggestion.

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      Carole Ingram

      It could be that your light bulbs were not warm enough to cure your resin properly . I have found that I have better success if I warm my unit for a good 5 to 10 minutes before placing my pieces to cure inside the unit. Also, you have to ensure that your pieces are clean of any residue. I have not used sunlight to cure as I have no luck with that at all .

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      Tammy Kane

      Unfortunately I bought two bottles of this junk. I’ve tried everything even brighter dental lasers and no help, even bright Florida sunlight all day nope still tacky after weeks. This was on solid cured reson pieces so i tried it on cardboard. Nothing. I ordered a 3.00 bottle of uv reain from China at AliExpress. and put a drop of it and a drop of Lisa’s side by side. And used a dental UV light. In 60 seconds I checked and the china resin was a hard some. Lisa’s smeared right off the paper still. I’ll be returning my purchase to Bobby lobby for a store credit and ordering a larger bottle from China. What a shame I hate it when people make bad stuff and don’t stand by their products.

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        Katherine Swift

        UV resin has a very short shelf life. It may be that the resin you purchased was old. In my opinion, I always question how well the ‘big stores’ rotate their stock to make sure customers get fresh product.

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          Nancy Rich

          I bought 2 bottles of Lisa Pavelka resin. I used the first one successfully and the other bottle was hard as a rock. I returned it. Both bottles felt the same when I purchased them but I guess I needed to look harder at them. I’ve gone back to the 2 part resin.

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      Judy Ferrill

      I bought a resin that I’ve used in the past and it worked great. I reorderd the resin, used it for the same project and it will cure perfect on a flat surface and will remain sticky on a beval surface. The same resin company and resin that with the first shipment worked. I believe it’s plastic in the Polymer clays reacting to the resin. I’m now leaching out some Premo clay and I’ll do some testing in a few weeks.

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      Judy Ferrill

      I just put a second coat on the sticky surface, removed the air bubbles with a mini tourch and cured it in my UV oven and it cured perfect! This again was on the Premo clay with a curved/bracelet surface. I use “Ultra Dome” Resin. It’s a wonderful resin and I’ve used it several years. It won’t yellow and hardens like glass.

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      I’ve had the exact same issues with Lisa Pavelka uv resin. I was so excited and then I was immediately disappointed. I live in Arizona, there should be no reason my projects don’t cure. I tried UV lamp, and leaving it in the direct AZ sun all day, to no avail. I know it wasn’t the pigment, because I didn’t use any. I know it wasn’t the bezel, because I didn’t use one. I literally put nothing in or on it, left it outside and under a lamp ALL DAY, and it never cured.

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      Bought the lisa pavelka UV resin and was very excited to not have to wait 24 hrs for my resin pieces to be domed! Yay! I have now had 8 pieces ruined because this did not set up. At all. Brand new bottles that hobby lobby just got in stock. Had them sit under a high intensity UV lamp and….nothing. For 8 hrs. And nope. Sad to hear this seems to be a thing with this brand of resin.

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      Just add me to the list. Bought from hobby lobby. Stuff never cured.

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      Made Musikic

      I wonder if someone have experience between the best UV lamp to use for drying resin.
      I read somewhere they suggested 9 or 36 watt lamp, and I have a 24watts.
      Could it be this the reason that stay sticky to the touch?
      I’m using a Japanese brand UV resin. Thanks

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      I have the same issue with Lisa Pavelka uv resin as well. Been trying to cure for about 5 hours now and still not fully cured under 36watt uv lamp. The 1st batch I tried under the sun it works about 20min or more. Kind of disappointed with magic glos. Will try the nail UV gel to see how it works out for me.

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      I’m new to resin and decided to buy 2 part and some weird unnamed Uv off of Amazon. I was super excited and tried the Uv first, and so I poured a bit into a mold and clicked on the Uv flashlight. After a while I noticed a weird smell but overlooked it. So when I went to un mold it, the resin was SUPER hot and sticky. So I tried another mold but held it a lot less closer and it turned out the same! I contacted the email on the side of the box and no reply yet. Please help!

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      Stephanie London

      The only problem I am currently having with the same Lisa pavelka resin is that my first layer in bezel cured fine. Second layer I was wanting a glow in the dark layer using glow powder from used it many many times with other resins just fine. This second layer refuses to harden with UV light and currently waiting for daylight to try direct sunlight. Not holding my breath at this though. Anyone else have curing problems when adding glitters or powders to the resin?

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      i used sohpie and toffee’s uv resin. the first time i used it it went ok (used it as glue), the second time it started smoking the sec. i turned my uv flashlight on and it didnt dry completly (got stikky)


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      Hello. I’m sorry if my english isn’t very well. I use a uv resine of Aliexpress. The firsts two bottles had been a very good experience but when I bought the third, fourth and fiveth bottle, the same item and in the same seller, something passed. The pieces don’t crystallized well. The same pieces that were very hard with the firsts bottles, with the next are flexible. It seems plastic and don’t seem crystal. I bought another uv lamp because I thought that it could be the problem. The result is a little best but it are left sticky put it the time I put it. What I can do? I think buy another lamp, in this occassion time of leds and more powerfull. Can it be a solution? I don’t understand why the pieces are sticky now.

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      Megan Flaherty

      I have read through most of everyones post,I didn’t see where the problem was finally solved regarding tacky UV Resin….

      The problem that I was having was when I finished a peice and put it under UV Light, it would still be tacky. For the most part as far as stiffness and durability were concerned the cure was okay. I did some research on the internet and found a company that sold “Cure Booster” with their resin. The tackiness is caused from humidity in the air so the surface stays soft.
      I read the ingredients for the Cure Booster, and decided to just try rubbing alcohol. I rubbed a paper towel ovver the peice where it was sticky and now they’re all perfect!

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        In addition to the rubbing alcohol, if you’re capable you can just apply another THIN coat and cure that. Sometimes for tiny pieces I dont mind more “bubble” I’ll just do this.

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      I’m using a brand I found on Amazon, but was having the exact same issue with it curing inconsistently. I figured a couple things out- anytime I use a lighter to cure bubbles, the resin smokes slightly under the LED light. As with gel nail polish, there’s often a residue that is leftover after curing, which is often easily fixed with a light rub down with isopropyl alcohol. As long as it’s cured, the alcohol will remove residue and leave a clean and shiny finish. Ive done this with layering, but only clean on the final coat, unless impurities contaminated the current layer.

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      Jasmine Healey

      Hi- I have had 1 tiny bottle of Magic Glos for 2 years now & choose to never ever use it- I, too, have had many problems w/ this UV resin not curing properly, no matter what I did! I’m not sure if this will help at all because I’ve only tried it with one polymer clay pendant but when the Magic Glos I coated the top of the pendant with would not cure (not after days in sunlight & not even after I went out & bought a freakin UV lamp just to cure it!) I ended up scraping off as much of it as I possibly could without completely destroying the look & integrity of the pendant (I know I know, there are few worse things in life than dealing w/ uncured sticky icky resin, but sometimes ya just gotta do it). After scraping some of it off it was, of course, still sticky & gross so I covered it w/ a coat of Varathane (it’s possible that any water based varnish could work though) & once that dried I applied a 2nd coat of Varathane. After the 2nd coat dried i put a thinnish layer of a DIFFERENT uv resin (which I’ve never had trouble curing) over the top & popped it in my new UV lamp for about 16 minutes, just to be safe. It miraculously cured without any problems & adding the other uv resin over the top of the dried Varathane layers gave me the opportunity to correct all the bumps & dingy looking areas from when I had to scrape the Crappy Glos off. I can’t guarantee that it will work, I’ve only tried it once so far, but it worked very well for me that 1st time. Good luck!

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      I thought I was the only one with this problem!
      I’m making bjd eyes and some pieces have worked out in the end but it took several hours! which ALSO turned the white resin slightly yellow because of staying under the the UV light for so long..

      The problem I’m having is that I think the bottom isn’t fully curing which makes it kinda seep trough the edges of my pieces making it sticky and the surface sometimes doesn’t 100% cure and as is sliightly tacky and the gel gets less shiny if you touch it and you can’t just polish it up which means it isn’t fully cured.

      I bought from Ebay so I don’t know if the bottle maybe was old from the start but I have the same problem from when I first bought it and still have some left after a year and I don’t see any changes in how the gel is and was behaving.

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      Meredith Arnold

      Humidity will prevent ANY resin from curing stably. I have used MagicGlos for over 10 years without issues of curing except on a high humidity day. It does shrink from the edges however. But I have used to top coat other resins that cured sticky without any problems. I have never run into a “short shelf life” as mentioned in another comment. In fact, I have MagicGlos that is years old and still working. But again, it does shrink.

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      have not found anything on sticky uv resion yet so i tried some rubbing alcohol and it took away the sticky feeling, but left the finish sort of “not smooth” for lack of a way saying it. But to be truthful about it, it was still good. NOT STICKY.

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      Chris Hartman

      I’ve been trying different UV resins. I thought it was something that I was doing wrong. I first purchased one from Amazon and it did not cure properly. I complained and they sent a new batch. It cured a bit better. Then I ordered from AliExpress that one did a bit better as well. THEN I thought maybe it was the color additive I was adding that was not letting it cure properly. SO – I ordered different color additives of several different brands and STILL had the issue. I’m a pretty new user to the UV resin and nearly about ready to give up on it. Sadly I’ve got a bit of cash invested in resin, colors and molds. It would really be nice to find out just why this stuff is not working the way it is suppose to.

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