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      I’m a board game designer working for 3DTotal. In the off periods while board games are being delivered we look for other game related projects to work on.

      With resin casting it’s possible to insert objects into the center of clear dice (For example as done here:

      We’re interested in making some 3DTotal Dice and trying a variety of materials. I’ve got some preserved scarab beetles, bits of meteor and other neat things we’d like to try this with sitting on my desk. We’re not sure which ones will work – preserved insects might be too fragile, meteor might be too dense not to load the dice.

      We’re looking to hire someone to experiment with these materials to create clear dice with the material displayed inside and then to create a large batch (At least 100, maybe more) of the most successful variety (or varieties).

      If you’re interested reply here or drop me a message at

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      Rodney Benesh

      Hello I’m not sure of this is still active but I’m the guy that puts swirling liquid and rolling eyes inside of resin dice and would be interested in testing dice as you described. I also make board games and card games as well.

      Thank you,
      Rodney Benesh

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