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      Hi, I’ve purchased your 3 ebooks, & found them helpful, & I saw your u tube on fixing cloudy resin,p & I get your email articles.
      A friend purchased a sea urchin with spines online, & asked me to use resin to protect it since it is so fragile. I had some Clear Cast resin, maybe a year old, unused. I made a mold out of sculpey for it, put the urchin in upside down, & poured the resin into it.
      It came out cloudy. I think the cloudy is the sculpey that bonded with it, but I have been unable to sand it off. I’ve tried hand sanding it to no avail. I saw your u tube video about putting a thin coat of resin over it, & that didn’t help at all. I’ve used the sander from a Dremel, & that seems to be taking off the thin coat of resin, but so far nothing else.
      From the bottom of the urchin, where the sculpey wasn’t I can see it’s clear (it does have some glitter in it).
      Is there any way to fix this?? Or do I just say “oopsie” & buy another sea urchin for him?
      I did try finding a large mold of some type to use before I made the sculpey one, & couldn’t find anything large enough. & I didn’t have anything round to make a round mold for the top part out of the Silicon Plastique mold making kit that I have. I’m sure it needs to be a two part mold.
      Oh, & you’re absolutely right about keeping a journal–i didn’t & now I know I’m losing my memory, because I’m losing details.
      Any suggestions? Please help.
      keri Aredhel

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Keri,

      I’m sorry this happened to you. Yes, the cloudiness is likely due to the Sculpey clay. If it were me, I would toss it out and start over as sad as that sounds. You will drive yourself crazy getting every last bit of resin off of it.

      How big is the urchin? Let’s see what we can do about getting you a mold for the next one.

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