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      Jackie Gray

      Hello, I am new to resin. I need help knowing what type to buy as well as how to work with colors and layering. I am working on an old pain window. I am placing sea glass, and shells in some of the pains. the other pains I am wanting to use a faux leading and fill in the shapes of waves, mermaid and seaweed with colored resin to make the affect of stain glass. I was going to use glass paint inside the faux leading and then top it off with crystal clear resin…but to save many and supplies I was thinking I could do the same thing with colored resin. But I do not know where to being buying the kind of resin and the colors. And if the faux leading will stay adhered to the glass once I fill it with the glass paint or resin…and how it will react to topping it will a clear resin…This seems like so much…I would love to speak with someone on the phone before I place an order. Thank you…p.s. I was also hoping to use iridescent film to fill in some of the scales on the mermaid..

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Jackie,

      How big are the panes of glass you are trying to fill? Will this be used for indoor or outdoor display?

      There is another discussion in our forum on this topic you may find helpful as well:

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      Jackie gray

      Each section is probably 5 by 7…6 sections. I window is nothing g but 1 big piece of glass. It will be hung in a window on the inside

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      Katherine Swift

      Since you are a beginner, the first thing I would recommend is to familiarize yourself with everything resin. It can be a fussy beast and I want to make sure you have success with your project. You can find a group of beginner articles here:

      Before you start pouring the resin, you will need to seal off your panes accordingly. You don’t want the resin to seep out the sides or back of your project. If you are using colored resin in some panes, but not others, you will want to seal them off and pour at different times. Quality masking tape (don’t get the cheap stuff!) works well. Resin won’t stick to it. Once the resin cures, you can peel away the tape.

      As for the resin choice, I would say you can go with either the Alumilite Amazing Clear cast or the Resin Obsession super clear resin. They both pour clear and will be good for this project since it is indoor use. This chart talks about the similarities and differences between the two resins: To color your resin, go with the colorants in the same brand of the resin you choose for the best results. You can find them here:

      I haven’t worked with faux leading, but I would guess it would stick to the resin and glass once it is all poured together. I would suggest doing a test casting first to see if the leading changes color during the process.

      Iridescent film works great with resin. You can see an example in this tutorial on how to make faux opals:

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