Coating a matte finish wont stick

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      So it made the school resin egg with a real egg in a homemade mold but the mold ended up matte and not shiny. This is also happened with other projects. When I made the resin egg i used very little color pigment for a translucent look and it was Artresin resin I go to put a shiny coat of art resin resin over the matte egg it will not stick. It leaves empty spaces when drying. This has happened with other sloped surfaces that are matte finish and i am trying to add a shiny coat. Taping off wiil not work. I have also tried sanding to create more of a surface with grip and it still does this. Anything thats helps the resin stay in place? Thank you so much

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      The point is not that it stsrts out mstte as i know that will happen depending on the gloss of the object molded or the mold itself. The point is clearcoating for a final gloss finish

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Karen,

      I’m afraid resin doesn’t like to stay on a sloped surface easily. You will need to find a way to rotate the egg while you apply the resin and while it cures. This will let it slide and move around, but hopefully not drip off the surface.

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      ,i was hoping either a spray on glossy or maybe something else. Ill try putting resin that has set a little more so its not so rummy and put more than one thin coat. Thank you for the quick response!

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      Hi Katherine, I just finished my first mosaic. It is a tray. The glue is specially for mosaic
      …but not so good. Will your new resin work well as a sealant over this, or should I use Amazing
      Allum? It is grouted, I just don’t trust the glue. Thank you,

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