coating tacky resin with new resin brand

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      i’ve had some pretty poor luck with the easy cast resin, and have coated some of my pieces with 4 layers of resin, still resulting in some sticky spots. (this was in winter and with oldish resin, so i’m not all that surprised.) in order to make sure the next layer is my final layer so i can finally finish these pieces, i believe i can coat the old easy cast epoxy in another brand of resin, as long as it’s still a 2-part epoxy. is that correct? i’m leaning toward a jewelry-grade in hopes that a higher-quality resin (and warmer temps) will help finish these once and for all. oh, and is just a thin painting of a coat likely to be enough to permanently cover the stickier stuff?

      p.s.- katherine, you’re the best! thanks for all your previous responses, and thanks in advance for this one! i don’t know why i didn’t ask all these questions when they were an issue months ago.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Leah,

      Happy to help. 🙂

      Yes, with the experiments I have done here, one brand of epoxy resin will adhere to another brand of epoxy resin. Make sure you using a doming resin and dome it on top of the entire layer, not just the sticky parts, otherwise it will look uneven. You can see what I’m talking about in this video on the Resin Obsession you tube channel:

Viewing 1 reply thread
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